Comic Odyssey's Test Your Might SSFIV Singles Tournament- San Diego,CA.- 1/8/

Break Down:
On January 8th Comic Odyssey is the place to be wether your looking to raise your skill levels or get some practice in for WCW2. Also, The Box Arena Draft will be live stream on the big screen and from what we hear, the players participating should definitely be watching.

Comic Odyssey
3400 E 8th St # 106
National City, CA 91950
(619) 479-0965
Same plaza where Conchings Cafe and Ice Cream Parlor is at.
January 8th 2011. It’s a Saturday
Sign Ups start 4:30pm
Entry Fee:**
$7.00; $5.00 to the pot and $2.00 to the store
Prize Payout:**
1st- 70% of the pot
2nd- 20% of the pot
3rd- 10% of the pot

The following people who got top 8 at the last CO tourney will be seeded so they dont play first round, if they go.

  2. Jonkun
  3. laceysan
  4. unprotectedSEX
  5. Combusted
  6. AlexMan

I don’t know who got the last 2 spots

Brought to you by the people at RandomGeekz ? 2011:Year of the Geek

get your practice in before west coast warzone at odyssey!!!

Its WCW3. Just sayin’

Hype for this saturday.

Would it be cheapest to stay at the hotel hosting WCW3?

im just staying there so i dont have to move or drive to the place lol

its going to be 95 for one night
if we get like 4 or 9 people it will only be 20 per person

Well that would be the very best situation.

I’ll bringa sleeping bag if i must.

When do you expect this to start and end? I have a good friend’s birthday that evening.

tournament, i believe it should totally be based on volume, which im not exactly sure about yet but even with a 35 man turnout i believe we could definatly shoot this out in three hours or so because we will be running 5 stations till either top 16 or top 8 and can go from there… but i believe we can be there till ten if needed so we’ll see… and for all you new guys out there in the scene this is your chance to break out and give it a try because almost all of San Diego’s top players will be at the box draft which just increases your odds of doing well :smiley: all you guys going to WCW3… this is your time to TEST YOUR MIGHT, Son…

If me jalen and a friend go, can someone give us a ride back when its over? I live like three miles away, and theyll just be goin to be pad.

What time does the tourney start? Gotta see if I will be able to make it.

Me and my friend are coming down for this tourney, is it ps3 or 360? just so I know if I need to bring my stick or not.

Yeah true that. If it’s 360 I don’t wanna show up without my stick.

tournament will be played on ps3

All Sd tournaments will always be on ps3, if you need a last resort skyler i should be able to arrange something… make sure all you guys get there by 4:30 so we can get sign ups started and we will be setting up untill 5:15 ish then we should be ready to go by 5:30

Got a lot more to say about this but ill reserve the right to edit this post when i have a few more minutes to do so, gotta head out to work but for all you that didn’t show up we had a turn out of 45 entrants, and there is top 8

Top 8

  1. Watts ($157.50)
  2. Lacey San ($45.00)
  3. Unprotected Sex ($22.50)
  4. Beefcake
  5. Combusted
  6. AndySlayers
  7. Dr. K
  8. 40 oz.

Nice results.