Comic Con Summer Exclusive Issue....question for udoneko

hey, i remember a while back when u guys were talken about the comic con summer issue exclusive for the people who were going to comic con, and there were talks of having an online store carring them…so my question is…

any hope of that happening? i really wanna see that summer special issue…:smiley:

You can purchase it at the site I ordered mine at but they are now out of stock. But with the Chicago Con coming up with the alternate cover for the special, I’m sure more online stores will be carrying them again with the new cover.

thanks a million Saturius!!! :smiley:

i just ordered it, cant wait to get it!!! and udon thanks to u guys for giving us such great peices of art!!!

A question for udoneko.Will the summer exclusive come out for store retail because i heard somewhere abou that.

The San Diego one is completely sold out. It is unlikely that we will be putting the summer special out for solicitation for store orders.

I seriously hope Jay Company Comics accept money orders for payment, otherwise I’ll never get the Summer Special. T.T

Are there any other online retailers that carry the Summer Special (preferably one that accepts money orders)?

I wouldent bother with jays comics if your outside the us as the only option for shipping seems to cost like $40+ for a $7 comic.