Comic Collecting Thread

*I apologize if a thread similar to this exist already. I searched, but didn’t see one.

Any collectors out there, like myself? I would like to use this thread as a means to share your views, and experiences with collecting [comics]; what you own; what you are eyeballing; trading/selling, etc.

Here’s a few good sites for keeping records of your collections, along with a close idea to what your current comic could be worth on the sellers market.*

And possibly the most accurate judging of current market value, would be eBay.

I guess I’ll kick it off by first mentioning a few comics I’m actively pursuing to add to my collection (click here to view it, may need a login free). First would be a few Hellboy comics (first few appearances). I’ve never read any Hellboy related media, however I’ve seen the movies, and there’s no time like the present to get into the Hellboy craze. I’m also looking into a few vintage, Silver Age comics (naturally).

You can talk about your experiences, fine. But the Trading and Selling portion has to go over to the Trading Outlet Forum. Before you post there just make very sure that you read their rules.

Thanks and sorry, just doing my job.

I didn’t mean trading and selling amongst each other, but rather what you are doing with your collection outside of this thread, like trading and selling. ^_~

LOL this is a REALLY gray area Shade - get it Shade :clown: - but I’ll let it slide unless my bosses say otherwise. Just please no one toss up lists of issues you are looking for. Or at the very least if you happen to mention something you are tracking down and someone wishes to respond please take it to the PMs.

There’s several reasons but using the Trading Outlet forum is for your own benefit besides. Because if someone doesn’t follow through on something they will have your back (said member who screws you over will be dealt with). And if someone follows through on a deal it will be good for them also as they will be noted as being trustworthy. All things I can’t enforce in this forum really.

Haha. It’s all good. I know you are only doing your job. I’m very versed in the Trading Outlet, as I’ve had several successful ventures in it myself, a few years ago. But yea, I’m almost an exclusively eBay, and in-person kind of guy when it comes to mah comic books. You can be assured, I will continue to keep specific actions in their rightful boards.

Gonna bump this. I know this isn’t for selling or trading, i’m just posting what I got.

I’m more into collecting myself. This was with in the last week. I won an EBAY auction on an Avengers Vol1 lot of about 60 issues between #200-#262 for $.99 (not including shipping). My package came in yesterday Most are VF, with a few VF+, VF-, NM, F, and F+. Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and if you look at value I made out like a bandit. Got a few other things but this one really stood out for the amount of comics I got for how cheap I got them.