Comic Book Forum Rules


It is a pleasure to be here as the new Street Fighter Comic mod.
As Fan Relations of Udon Comics, I will be here to answer any and all
questions you throw at me. Feel free to PM me whenever you want. I will
SERIOUSLY attempt to reply to all of your questions. Just dont expect me
to answer right away as soon as you message me.

I want to point out two things…

  1. This is a COMMUNITY FORUM. It is not a place to bitch at others, make
    fun of them, flame or any of that other crap. COMMUNITY = UNITY.
    No one appreciates being harassed in any way, shape or form. That in mind,
    I will NOT tollerate any sexist, racist, religious comments or the like. PERIOD.
    If someone is harassing you, please let me know!

  2. Everyone has their pros and cons about our products.
    But there is a fine line between constructive criticism and simply “You suck”.
    If there’s something you dont like, go ahead and post it. But if you dont give
    us any feedback… then you’re in the wrong place. Because this is NOT a
    place to bitch. Whining is NOT acceptible.
    Criticism vs Constructive Criticism. Plain ol criticism = whining.
    We are not asking you to suck up.
    We welcome any and all constructive criticism.

If you ever see your post deleted without any warning, you’ll know why.
And if you find out one day that you are BANNED from SRK…
… the Admins, Sano and I had a GOOD reason and you will be banned without notice.

We work VERY hard to bring you top-notch comics and products and we DO
listen to your comments. Keep in mind, things will not always go according to
how you want them. We are hard working people and there are many factors that
you do not see which reflects on how things are done.

Everyone here likes Street Fighter. Everyone here likes Video Games.
If you’re not going to get along then LEAVE. Be my guest.
No one asked you to join, and no one is forcing you to stay.
Since you DID join, then you are most likely here WANTING
to be part of the community.

If you want to hear the latest in news, and you want to be
part of one of the biggest Street Fighter communities out there,
then BE PART of the community.

Thank you very much, and have fun!

  • SFD
    Udon Fan Relations & Web Master

I will also attempt to answer any Non-SF Comic related questions
if you have any. My PM box is opened to everyone!

Hey what’s up. You guys all know my as sano and I will also be a mod helping out. Sfdevotion covered most of it, but what I take issue with is broken-recordism. If you are making the same exact complaints over and over and over again and these complaints have been answered various times by Studio Udon, things like such will get deleted by me quickly, goes along with what sfdevotion said about whining. Please put some thought into your criticisms and so forth.

We are all here for our love of Street Fighter. Some of us go back to playing Street Fighter II back in the day in the arcades. Some of us are still playing today with Street Fighter Alpha Anthology. Some of us fell in love with Street Fighter II the Animated Movie. There are those that have moved on to other things in life but let this one thing, our love for Street Fighter be the one thing that binds us all.

Just remember, golden rule and all, treat others like you would like to be treated. If you’re not going to get along with others then you are better off leaving this forum. Be nice to people, it feels good! Let’s get this party started! :party:

EDIT: Because this keeps coming up again, and again, and again. Please do not ask for scans of artwork of any kind especially Studio Udon’s work or discuss sites where you can download comics for free. If it’s Studio Udon artwork placed by them online that you are looking for, check Studio Udon’s Deviant Art page -

If you are not sure about something regarding all of this just PM me before posting. Thanks. Carry on…

Since this thread already covers most of the rules me and Sfdevotion decided to use this one for posting new rules now that this is a Comic Book Forum.

No versus threads. That’s not allowed anywhere on SRK. A versus topic is a thread that asks the question, “Can Hulk defeat Spider-Ham?” Just don’t do it. These type of threads just never end well.

But if you are dying to start a versus thread, become SRK Premium and post on the Premium Boards. That’s allowed over there but not here or anywhere else on SRK, alls I can say is you get your money’s worth. :smile:

Do not scan images of recent comics or create threads asking for someone to do this for you. The reason for this is SRK can get into serious legal trouble.

Do not post links of sites where you can download comics for free ilegally. Same reason as above.

Please do not flame other members. We really have no tolerance for that kind of thing. Along those lines, understand that not everyone is going to like the comic that you are reading and people might like writers and artists that you can’t stand. There is no reason at all to flame someone for having a different opinion. So be considerate to others.

If you are talking about a comic that just came out before you reveal something major like say… the death of a character, please use a spoiler tag. Of course if you create a thread and it has the word spoiler in the title, that’s fine. Not everyone reads their comics as soon as they get them or even when they come out and some people wait for comics to be collected in Trade Paperbacks. So please keep that in mind when posting.

That’s all for now, have fun. Oh yeah talk about Street Fighter, Spider-Man and Batman comics under one roof and I have the job of reading every single post of goodness involving all of them! Like Bizzaro would say, “Life am good!” :party:

Update: Re SFD’s post here about not frequenting the forum as much as before -

So now I am the only mod of this forum, which shouldn’t make too much of a difference since both SFD and Udoneko are really busy and I’ve been doing most of the modding anyway.

It was an honor to work with both of them and I wish them the best in all they do.

Also, I want to thank both Udoneko and SFDevotion for giving SRK so much information over the years and I hope they will continue in the years to come. :clap:

I’m looking forward to any and all future Studio Udon products and they have my full support. :smile:

A ‘not so’ gentle reminder since this comes up over and over and over again. DO NOT POST UP LINKS WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD COMICS FOR FREE UNLESS THEY ARE SANCTIONED BY THE COMPANIES THEMSELVES FOR FREE! Please keep discussion of DLing comics illegaly here to a minimum or don’t do it at all. Don’t joke about it either because it pisses off professionals in the feild. Don’t create threads about it, common sense is your friend. Whatever you do in your PMs is your business but please keep that stuff out of here.

Also refrain from scanning comics and tossing images up here ESPECIALLY if the comic just came out this week or is hella recent. This obviously goes for recent magazines. I will try to overlook things in this area as much as possible because I know sometimes older / out of print comics come up in discussions but you should just refrain from that all together for the most part. It’s a hell of a lot easier and less work for everybody for you to describe what you are talking about then going through all of this trouble.

Arguably the downloading and scanning thing isn’t such a big deal but you never know when the big companies are going to start going after things like this like I’ve seen happen in the past, so it’s better to be safe than in jail I always say.

Other than that people are really making my job easy and enjoyable around here so not too much else for me to complain about. Keep up the good work everybody and thanks for making my job so much fun! :tup:

A few things that have come up.

Regarding Scanlations of Manga

Scanlations on this forum are okay so long as the manga is not already available in English. This is a gray area but for the most part it is okay by the law.

If any of the manga is available in English, like in Japan they are up to volume 1,000 and we are up to volume 1, scanlations are then illegal and if companies want to they can go after people.

When manga gets translated into English, sites are ‘supposed’ to take scanlations down according to the law. After that, companies can seek legal action and demand these things get taken down.

This also includes raws AKA manga that’s in straight up Japanese. If any of it is availabe in English than it is illegal.

So please do not toss up scanlations or raws of manga that is licensed and available in English. Like I always say, what you do in your PMs is your business but just keep it out of here. If you are not sure, just PM me and I’ll let you know the difference.

Feel free to talk about scanlations or raws that you have seen. Just do not provide ways to inform people how to view these things for free on this forum.

Duplicate Threads

I’ve been getting quite a lot of these. All of the rules of SRK still apply here. No duplicate threads. Before creating a thread, use the search engine. I’ll make it even easier for you. If you don’t want to bother using the Search Engine, just PM me and I will tell you if it is a duplicate or not. Ask anyone, I get back to people pretty fast, my PM box is always open. **IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO POST IN AN EXISTING THREAD THAN TO CREATE A NEW THREAD. **That’s the golden rule of the entire internet. Duplicate threads are just going to get locked by me and deleted after 24 hours.

Bumping Old Off Topic Threads

As I’m sure your aware, this forum has changed from being just a forum of SF comics to include all comics. Every once in a while someone will come along and find an old Street Fighter IV thread or something like that and give it a bump. Like, are you kidding me? That was an off topic thread then and it’s an off topic thread now. There is an entire forum dedicated to SF4 now. Don’t be cute, I will straight up lock those threads whenever I see this happening. If it’s an ancient thread that’s not about comic books or related to them somehow, just let sleeping dogs lie.

We still have one thread that’s about Street Fighter’s game storyline that the thread creator every once in a while will come around and bump. That one is all well and good, I don’t have too much of a problem with one thread about SF’s storyline / multiple storylines (SFEX and so forth) in the event people want to compare it to Udon’s comic. Seriously though, there’s a much better thread that does nothing but talk about Street Fighter’s video game storyline that you should just go check out instead. It’s also SRK’s longest running thread. Over 8,000 posts now and still going. The regulars here are also really well suited to the task of answering any SF storyline questions. :smile:

Wow, nine months since I’ve had to update this. That just goes to show you how great all of the members are and how easy you have been making my job. Issues may come up here and there, but I can’t say I have had any real problems with anyone that posts on this forum. Thanks everybody and carry on! :tup:

Please do not use the word fa**** around here, you know the word that is meant to be an insult towards homosexuals. Some people are very sensitive about that word. I’d strongly advise you not to use that word around SRK as some mods will hand you an infraction right on the spot. If I see it for now, you’ll get a warning PMed to you from me and I will edit said word right out of your post. If you repeat after that, infractions will come.

Gentle reminder as this has come up a few times recently: I know we kid around here at times and most of us can tell when something is light hearted and intended to be funny, but please do not curse people out viciously. There really is no reason for that.

This goes for forum members and people in the comic book industry as we have a few people from said industry who post here and you never know who is reading.

If you don’t like someone’s writing or artwork, that’s fine, talk about that. You cross the line when you start wishing they’d die in a fire, their limbs would fall off and their whole family was wiped out, etc. Again, this is kind of in a gray area as we do kid around at times, but please use your best judgement.

I know we tend to get passionate about some of the characters and stories and get angered when certain things are done to said characters but please, keep things civil.

Treat people how you wish to be treated and no problems should arise.

Thanks and carry on.