Comebacks in fighting games

What is it that you like about seeing big comebacks in fighters? What makes them so exciting to watch? There’s nothing cooler than seeing someone coming back in a fight whether it’s like [media=youtube]TlpKqkKd2dM"]this, this, or [URL=“”[/media]. Have you ever had any experiences in epic comebacls in fighters?

I get extremely hard to kill around 10% life. If I could play like I was always at 10% health it would be awesome lol.

In most every fighter, comebacks are simply an epic showing of determination and / or skill. Sometimes comebacks are cheesy (switching from clumsy offensive to rock solid turtling and poking the enemy to death) but most often they show a true desire to win and showcase some amazing maneuvers and tactics you may have not anticipated. Unlike in FPS games where you can be riddled with bullets, on the brink of death, then turn a corner and headshot your enemy for victory, in fighting games you need to conquest over your enemy’s health bar with only a fraction of your own health available to work with. No easy comebacks in fighters… well, with the exception of things like SFIV’s Ultra system which was implemented specifically to even out the playing field more often.

Some people just work better under pressure.

Nough’ said.

Also, check this out. This was from the finale of the first season of WCG Ultimate Gamer.


This happens a lot to me in UMK3, its specially good cause there is chip damage from virtually ALL moves in the game (even normals) and you avoid blocking for that and for avoiding getting stuck on block stun. Fun times!

A true comeback where someone flips a switch and starts making some really good choices to off the opponent is just awesome. It means he has to guess right on every situation because he cant afford to get hit but still has to hit the opponent a bunch of times.

Trade DP to Ultra and stuff like that though, ZZZZzzzZZZzzz…

this has to be the most cheesy, and over exaggerated tourney i have ever seen, for a video game

Any comeback that doesn’t involve a Sagat or Zangief ultra.

FT5 with one round matches? What the fuck is this shit? I don’t play SCIV seriously but damn, even I’m insulted by that nonsense.

lol youve never played an fps competitively have you

Those two don’t know how to play SC4 at all.

Best comeback ever, lol:


Comebacks huh:


And another one for good measure:


I hate seeing epic comebacks when I’m playing. More often than not, I’m on the ‘less than epic’ side of things.