comeback videos

besides the daigo vid, what are some good “comeback” videos, i.e., videos that illustrate the “never give up” mentality?

i’m a little hesitant about starting this thread, cuz making a comeback isn’t that uncommon in 3s… but maybe there are some good ones that come to people’s minds. post up if you think of any.

i guess some people have different ideas about what a comeback video is. here’s what i think:

  • the defining element of a comeback video is not that the victory was unexpected, even though the victory IS unexpected. the defining element is that one character is in dire straits, on his last legs after having suffered a beatdown; where winning is a lost hope to everyone else; where the idea of doing all the work to win is demoralizing; and yet he still perseveres in the face of such adversity, and makes a valiant effort to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenge, and ultimately wins.
  • perfect example of such a video, see the post by Fran3s (3rd post in this thread); the fact that it was twelve is not relevant, imo, although it definitely adds to the effect
  • videos where “low tier” characters simply win against “high tier” characters don’t really count as comeback videos; there needs to be that element of a comeback

I would love to see some that don’t involve Wolverine :wink: jk
But this is actually a good idea for fighting games in general topic :slight_smile:

yes,way too many to list or mention
that said,this one is truly amazing :

This was my first time watching this. Wow, just wow.

This one comes to mind…
Hayao vs. some unknown akuma player:

And another, not so flashy but with a really clutch read…
Messatsu Yarou vs. Shonen

motherfucking messatsu


full screen ex shoulder or maybe charge a bit more for geneijin? -__-
momochi vs Shiroitachi

Sugiyama (Necro) vs Messatsu (Urien)
Sickest 3s match in existance

12th August 2007

RX vs Nuki

Kuroda Q vs Yakkun Yun
SBO7, 2009


Oh sorry, That’s Rikimaru. I’m looking for another RX video against Nuki. He had a few awesome matches during last year’s Dan League.

nice vid but not really a comeback…

I am surprized nobody posted these matches.
Anyway, they are classic

SFIII: 3rd Strike - Chinta [KEN] vs Vanao [RYU]

SFIII: 3rd Strike - RX [URIEN] vs Ruu [RYU]

i just realized the shend posted this
i found this watching mimora vids looking for this one makoto vs yun comeback but found this instead

just wanna say shoutouts to theshend

Yeah, it was supposed to be a buffer until I found the Danisen video, but I couldn’t find it. It’s somewhere buried in The Shend’s channel.

Edit: I also think UR vs CH is such an uphill battle that any win is a comeback.

It’s obvious who’s going to win, but it’s still a nice vid:

Makoto J Vs (?? Hugo)

P.S. Kudos to The Shend for all of his work in keeping 3S alive on the interwebs.

people have been posting some good videos, but they’re not really comeback videos. i mean it’s cool that they’re getting posted here, and i don’t really mind that they’re here, especially since i haven’t seen all of them, but i just wanted to focus the attention of this thread on comebacks… :sweat:

i’ve updated my OP with some thoughts on what makes a comeback video :slight_smile: