Come On, That's It? -- Yun Beginner Thread

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Yun is the epitome of a rushdown character. His normals allow him to maintain a dominant offensive posture while safely poking. Also, his specials either close the distance between him and his opponent effectively (EX Lunge), knocks down an opponent while maintaining good positioning (HK upkicks), allows Yun to loop pressure safely (LP shoulder) or open up an opponent who blocks too much (command grab). His command normals are also worth noting: f+mk is a solid overhead (but cannot be comboed after) and f+hp works well in Genei Jin. Then, of course, Yun has solid divekicks that allow him to maintain pressure while closing the gap on his opponent. Genei Jin, Yun’s super, has returned in SSF4:AE and still packs the same damage as it did in 3S, and his super meter builds just as fast in AE as it did in 3S. Finally, several of Yun’s target combos (namely s.lp,, and, s.hp, b+hp) work well.

Although Yun is a strong offensive presence, he does have some noticable flaws. Characters with strong reversals can prevent Yun from starting his pressure (stuffing dive kicks, countering lunge, and hitting between xx lp shoulder gaps). In addition, his dive kicks require precise placement: any dive kick above the waist is easily punish by a 3f reversal (such as a shoto’s DP). His health is below average (900), so Yun players need to be on point with their blocking. Yun’s DPs are also relatively slow and can be easily safe jumped (EX upkicks, his fastest, is 4f).

Yun’s Significant Normals


:lp: : Relatively standard 3f jabs that provide decent frame advantage on hit (+6f) and on block (+3f). Yun’s stand jabs link directly into his stand strong (one of his strongest normals). Far standing light punch whiffs on some smaller, crouching opponents (such as Chun-Li and Blanka). Beyond that, stand jab also begins Yun’s target combo 5 (s.lp,, xx special), which is one of Yun’s easiest hit confirms.

:lk: : A deceptively powerful normal. Yun’s comes out quickly (3f) and has one of the longest ranges of any 3f normal in this game. In addition, can be special canceled. This means that when you block an attack (such as Fei Long landing an unsafe rekka), Yun can easily counter using xx special because of’s speed and distance. Beyond that, you may see used in option selects because of the long distance it reaches (i.e, OS lp lunge to beat backdashes).

:mp: : Without a doubt, Yun’s stand strong is one of the strongest normals in the game. It’s relatively quick normal (4f close, 5f far) that can be hit confirmed. If the opponent blocks, Yun can cancel into lp shoulder (safe on block) which leaves him in the perfect position to do another xx lp shoulder. If it hits, Yun can cancel into hk upkicks for huge meter gain (1/2th to 2/3rd of a bar), stun (,, xx hk upkicks has 400+ stun) and strong oki positioning. It’s also worth noting that it has a disjointed hitbox: Yun’s extends slightly above his head and far in front of him, leaving Yun’s hitable body far behind his hitbox. Finally, cancels into Yun’s target combo 4 (, s.hp, b+hp) which allows him to cancel into Genei Jin for heavy damage.

:mk: : A decent poking tool that comes out fast (6f). Although it looks like it has a good angle for anti-airing, it really should not be used for that purpose because lk upkicks is such a strong anti-air that builds 1/3rd of a bar (and, unlike, lk upkicks barely trades). The close version of is Yun’s launcher, but it’s not very effective outside of Genei Jin because of how slow it hits and how low it launches.

:hk: : Although it’s one of Yun’s slowest normals (8f), stand roundhouse is a good poke in match-ups against grapplers because of its range and the ability to use it to keep people out. It also knocks down the opponent on hit (techable knockdown). During Genei Jin, this move serves a whole different purpose: launching. Yun’s can launch the opponent high enough so he can use lp lunge and f+mk to carry the opponent to the corner and begin the more damaging portions of his Genei Jin loops.

Crouching Normals

:lp: : This move is slightly faster than (3f start-up vs. 4f start-up) but it can be blocked standing or crouching. Beause of this 1f start-up difference, you usually want to use cr.lp after a dive kick because of dive kick’s variable hit stun. Besides that, though, you should be using rather than cr.lp.

:lk: : Typical short, but it’s a 4f short (so, it’s usually better to OS crouch tech). When doing hit confirms, you’re better off using because both and cr.lp have the same amount of frame advantage on hit (+4), so combo timings are essentially the same.

:mp: : A fast (5f) punch that rivals that of a shoto’s. It has an extremely disjointed hitbox (Yun hits with his entire arm, but his arm cannot be hit) and serves as a strong frame-trap. In addition, it can combo into itself or for strong hit confirms. If you land a dive kick near the opponent’s feet, you can go straight for a combo. finally, it combos after a command grab (, xx special).

:mk: : Although not as fast as a shoto’s low forward, Yun’s is relatively fast (6f) and has no hurtbox on his shoe. It’s a relatively good normal to use in footsies when or would otherwise whiff, and can be special canceled relatively safely into lp shoulder. However, like a shoto’s xx fireball, Yun’s xx lp shoulder is not a true blockstring (you can DP between the two hits if the first is blocked).

:hk: : Yun’s sweep is rather terrible in terms of start-up, range, and recovery. The reason it’s worth mentioning is because Yun’s sweep puts an opponent in a jugglable state (because of the, target combo). So, if Yun trades with his sweep, he can combo into anything he wants. This includes either ultra, a punisher combo, or even a throw.

Yun’s Specials

  1. Zesshou Hohou (Lunge). :qcf::p:
    EX-Able? Yes. :qcf::p::p:
    FADC-Able? Yes.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? Yes.

Yun lunges across the screen, lp going the shortest distance and hp going nearly fullscreen; button pressed corresponds to damage and distance. Each version knocks down the opponent, and Yun is left directly in front of his opponent. If you space it correctly (hitting only with the tip of Yun’s fist), this move is safe on block and does good chip damage, along with getting Yun close for free. If you misjudge the distance and hit with your lunge too deep, you can FADC backwards to make this move safe. In addition, this move juggles after certain moves (you usually use lp lunge). Important juggles with lunge include after ultra 1 (hp lunge), ex upkicks (lp lunge), ex lunge (lp lunge), and hp shoulder in the corner (lp lunge).

EX lunge does two hits and is one of Yun’s strongest normals because it’s safe on block (leaving Yun at +1f, which leaves Yun in control) and juggles if the second hit connects. If the second hit connects, lp lunge or ultra 1 can juggle at full screen. It is worth noting, however, neither regular or EX lunge are entirely safe. The opponent can punch you as you lunge at him (usually an SRK or ultra will punish you for lunging at full screen) if they’re watching for it. However, if you use lunges sparingly, they often will surprise the opponent and let Yun get in for free.

  1. Kobokushi (Palm Strike). :qcb::p:
    EX-Able? Yes. :qcb::p::p:
    FADC-Able? Yes.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? Yes.

Yun’s palm. The lp version serves as a feint whereas the mp and hp versions are identical. This attack is actually a fireball that extends beyond Yun’s hands, which is why it cancels out fireballs (and thus can be punished by any projectile invincible move). In addition, it can be used in the corner to combo into itself after a focus attack for extremely high meterless damage (450+). Palm is extremely slow, but it is completely safe on block (like many of Yun’s specials). If palm lands, Yun knocks down his opponent. Palms are also used to whiff and build meter; 8 whiffed palms makes an EX bar.

EX palm is extremely unsafe on block and much slower than regular palms (which are already slow). You’ll probably only be using EX palm to punish a whiffed SRK or as a FA/stun punisher. EX palm provides a wall bounce which allows Yun to combo afterwards with many moves (such as lp shoulder, lunge, and hk upkicks). The most damaging follow-up in this situation is EX palm, lp shoulder, hp lunge. It’s also worth mentioning that Yun has lower body (his ankles) invinic. This means that sweeps and cr.mks will pass right through your body when you’re performing an EX palm.

  1. Nishokyaku (Dragon Kicks). :dp::k:
    EX-Able? Yes. :dp::k::k:
    FADC-Able? No.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? No.

Yun’s upkicks. LK works well as an anti-air because of its priority and angle. HK works well at the end of a hit confirmed combo because it does not whiff on crouchers and does good damage and stun. As far as a wake-up reversal, upkicks are too slow for this purpose. LK upkicks is a 5f move and whiffs on crouchers (as well as having little invinic). HK upkicks is 8f (thus easily safe jumpable) but has the most invincibility. Of course, upkicks cannot be FADCed and are rather unsafe on block and/or whiff.

EX upkicks are faster (4f) and are harder to safe-jump. In addition, EX upkicks juggle. This allows Yun to follow up with a juggle (usually lp lunge, unless in the corner). Also, like HK (but not LK) upkicks, EX upkicks hits crouchers. It’s worth noting that EX upkicks, LP lunge does less damage when ending a combo rather than ending with HK upkicks, so save your meter. The reason this does less damage is because of damage scaling and EX upkicks does less damage than LK upkicks. If your combo takes less than 3 hits before the EX upkicks, then EX upkicks, lp lunge is a superior combo for damage (but not oki).

  1. Tetsuzankou (Shoulder). :dp::p:
    EX-Able? Yes. :dp::p::p:
    FADC-Able? Yes.
    Can be combo-ed into? Yes.
    Link-able? Yes, in the corner.
    Armor Breaking? No.

LP shoulder is a good move to end hit confirms where you confirm that the opponent is blocking. MP and HP shoulder knock the opponent in the air for juggles (particularly in the corner). Both MP and HP shoulder are projectile invincible. All forms of shoulders cancel into Genei Jin and allow you to cleanly hit confirm and combo into your Genei Jin strings. It’s worth noting that LP shoulder does not knock the opponent down. This is important because Yun can perform xx lp shoulder and be in range for a xx lp shoulder. It’s also worth noting that xx lp shoulder is not a true blockstring and can be DPed in between the two hits (but it’s a valuable tool for characters without DPs). HP shoulder can be FADCed and combos straight into U1.

EX shoulder hits twice and juggles, but is unsafe on block (like MP and HP shoulder). Similarly to MP and HP shoulder, it juggles better in the corner.

  1. Zenpou Tenshin (Command Grab). :qcb::k:
    EX-Able? Yes. :qcb::k::k:
    FADC-Able? No, it’s a grab.
    Can be combo-ed into? No, it’s a grab.
    Link-able? Yes.
    Armor Breaking? It’s a grab.

Yun’s command grab. LK, MK, and HK are exactly the same. EX command grab extends slightly beyond the range of a regular command grab and is quicker (5f, rather than 7f). In terms of range, regular command grab is similar to whereas EX is similar to (slightly shorter). Because Yun forces the opponent to block with all of his pressure, his command grab is what makes him scary; command grab lets Yun open up opponents who otherwise would be too defensive. After a command grab, Yun can, xx hk upkicks (universal option). In Genei Jin, it’s easy to slip in a command grab to score an easy reset. EX command grab is immune to throws. It’s also worth noting that using an EX bar for command throw is not a waste of meter. After landing the command throw,, xx hk upkicks refills 2/3rds of your EX bar.

Yun’s Super: Genei Jin

This is the reason most people fear Yun. Genei Jin changes the properties of all of Yun’s normals by making most of his normals jump cancelable, dash cancelable, special cancelable, reducing the recovery or start-up, and adding juggle or launch properties (specific move changes can be found on a frame data spreadsheet; google it or check the SRK wiki). In addition, his command normals are increased in damage (namely his f+mk) and his specials gain juggle properties and increase in speed (both recovery and start-up). For these buffs to his attacks, all attacks during Genei Jin do no stun.

Genei Jin starts up in 0f. This means that even if you mess up a hit confirm, you cannot be punished for activating it. Genei Jin normally activates off of a lp shoulder (followed by a xx lp lunge) or a, s.hp, b+hp target combo (followed by a mp lunge), but can also be activated off of a lunge punch (similar to Makoto’s dash punch, super, ultra) or a palm (followed by a mp lunge). If you activate an ultra during Genei Jin, the ultra animation will not perform, but you will juggle the opponent and (if using U1) be able to continue juggling.

When using Genei Jin, your main goal is to first get the opponent to the corner. After starting with whichever starter I mentioned in last paragraph, you then use f+mk, f+mk, lp lunge loops to get the opponent across the screen. Once you’re in the corner, it’s common to do a lp lunge, palm, f+mk, palm, f+mk, and so on. When your opponent falls down where your juggle would drop, you can use a lp lunge, palm in order to lift your opponent again. It’s common to end your Genei Jin with a mix-up, usually, jump cancel, mk dive kick. From there, you can either take a step forward to get behind your opponent or a step back to get in front. This sets up an easy left-right mix-up. You can also mix this up further by utilizing a high-low mix-up, or a block/throw mix-up.

So, a sample combo would be:,, xx p shoulder xx Genei Jin activate, xx lp lunge, f+mk, f+mk, lp lunge, f+mk, f+mk, lp lunge (in the corner now), palm, f+mk, palm, f+mk, lp lunge, palm, f+mk, palm, f+mk, lp lunge,, jump cancel, mk dive kick (Genei Jin ends).

Yun’s Ultra 1: Youhou

Although it’s not the most damaging ultra in SF4, U1 has high comboability and can be tagged at the end of many combos (or Genei Jin loops) for extra damage. For this reason, U1 is usually used with Yun players, rather than U2. U1 also has an upward hitbox which allows Yun to use his ultra as an anti-air if the user has good enough reaction (of course, Yun is also invincible to strikes during U1 which prevents trades).

U1 also launches at the end of its full animation and allows for a further juggle. The timing on this juggle is slightly awkward for new players because you need to perform the move slightly before you think it would be possible. The strongest meterless juggle is following U1 with a hp lunge. The strongest single meter follow up is using an EX shoulder, where both hits of EX shoulder hit (EX lunge also works as a follow-up for slightly less damage). If you’re in the corner and have a super bar, you can follow up a U1 with lp shoulder xx Genei Jin.

Common ways to combo into U1 include EX lunge, HP shoulder FADC, target combo 4 FADC (, s.hp, b+hp) in the corner, and set-ups where lk dragon kick only hits with one hit (these set ups will be described later, as they are character specific).

Yun’s Ultra 2: Sourai Rengeki

Although this ultra does more damage than U1, it’s used less because of it’s limited combo ability outside of Genei Jin. The only purpose that one could use U2 for is punishing fireballs (as it is projectile immune as it goes a good length forward) or punishing heavy whiffs that lunge would otherwise not reach (which is highly improbable).

1.) xx lp shoulder

Alternatives xx lp shoulder xx lp lunge xx lp lunge
cl.s.hp xx hk upkicks

Common Special Cancels (Combo Explanations)

[details=Spoiler]These are the special cancels Yun will use most. These are the most basic combos Yang has; they’re simply placed here to let you become familiar with common moves Yang special cancels from.

A special cancel is where you cancel a normal move’s animation with a special move. Of course, the move has to hit.

Yun’s is a good poke that cancels into his special moves. Both and are quick (though limited range) pokes that special cancel and can be used in punishing (i.e, Fei hitting with his rekkas too deeply can be punished with xx lp lunge). Both and cl.s.hp are stronger normals that could be used in a basic punisher.

You can special cancel into other moves. You’d use hk upkicks in a hit confirm or punisher. LP shoulder would be used in cases that you’re not sure if the opponent blocked or not (because it’s relatively safe on block and allows for another xx lp shoulder). LP lunge is usually done in anti-backdash OSes, but you’ll find yourself canceling into lunge from time to time[/details]

2.), s.lp, xx hk upkicks

Target Combo 5 (s.lp,, xx special)
cr.lp, s.lp, s.lp, xx special

Simple Hit Confirms (Combo Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]These are Yun’s basic hit confirms. Hit confirms are combos in which you perform two or three normal moves and watch to see if they hit. If they are blocked, you can simply elect to not end your combo with a special move. If they hit, you can safely perform your stronger special moves. Typically, if the opponent blocks, you’ll perform a LP shoulder. If your opponent doesn’t block, you’re perform a HK upkicks.

There are some means for variation. You can add cr.lks and s.lps pretty liberally as long as you stay to 4 hits in total and end with s.lp, So, using,, s.lp, is just as viable as using, s.lp, It’s worth noting that far standing light punch whiffs on some smaller crouchers (like Blanka and Chun Li), so limiting yourself to three moves in a hit confirm will help in combo consistency and damage (because damage scaling will make you do less damage overall).

If you have full super, ending with a lp shoulder can be reasonable because you can then cancel into Genei Jin and begin your Genei Jin loops.[/details]

3.),, xx hk upkicks

cr.lp, s.lp,, xx special,,, xx special (character specific: Blanka only),,, xx special (character specific: Abel, Balrog, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Dudley, El Fuerte, Guile, Juri, Rufus, Sagat, and T. Hawk)

Stronger Hit Confirms/Possible Punishers (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Because combos into itself and, Yun can use this tool to perform combos that do massive amounts of stun. For example,,, xx hk upkicks does 404 stun; two of these and a poke or two will end up in an easy stun. If you’re performing a dive kick, it’s usually better to start off with a cr.lp or because of their speed. You can combo into cr.lp, s.lp,, instead of cr.lp, s.lp, s.lp, for more damage and stun, but it’s a tighter link.

There are a few character specific options listed, but they are usually worth performing. If you can get extra damage, why not?[/details]

4.) Post Command Grab,, xx hk upkicks

Post Command Grab,,, xx hk upkicks (character specific: Abel, Balrog, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, Dudley, Guile, Rufus, and T.Hawk)

Command Grab Follow-Ups (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Yun’s command grab is one of the things that makes his offensive so scary. It’s because of this that you need to practice Yun’s strongest post-grab set-ups. His, is a universal option, whereas,, only works on some characters (but is the stronger option).

You can also combo into U1 off a command grab, but it’s character specific:


5.) EX lunge punch, U1

Target Combo 4 (, s.hp, b+hp) FADC U1 (corner only).
lk upkicks (1-hit), U1 (set-up and character specific).
Command grab, ______ (character specific, check combo 4’s spoiler).
HP shoulder FADC U1

Combos into Ultra 1 (Explanation)

[details=Spoiler]Pretty basic combos, but EX lunge punch, U1 will be your main set-up if you can consistently get that juggle. Other details can be found in the U1 section of this guide.

There’s an entire list for lk upkick set-ups that get just 1 hit, but I need to go and search for it. Just haven’t taken the time.[/details]

Final Reserve.

Good beginners guide, also in the first combo:

1.) xx lp shoulder

Alternatives xx lp shoulder xx lp lunge xx lp lunge
cl.s.hp xx hk upkicks

In the spoiler you wrote YANG 2 times :rofl:

Nice guide. You need a footies section (to explain how to properly use his smp, smk, cmp, and lk when he isn’t in the air), a section to explain how yun gets in (not merely through simple divekicks, but from his jumping mk which has insane range. you can also list how he can cross up light divekick after a knockdown), and a frame trap section.

I’m not surprised. I’m writing a Yun and Yang guide, along with an Abel and maybe another later. x3; I’ll fix it, though.

I’ll be having a small section about frame traps and such. This is literally a v0.8. If you have any that you prefer, I’ll be sure to throw it in.

Clp --> Cmp is apparently a good frame trap. That’s all I really know. Yun just doesn’t seem to have many good frame traps. I tried testing multiple frame traps using playback and then attempted to mash to see the counterhit sign. The only time I really got counterhit was from clp --> cmp. Yun probably needs a lot better frame traps so that he can beat out all those crouching tech mashers haha. For the footies section, I would like to actually write up a small part.

Yun’s standard footies revolves on the cl. smp into shoulder loop. It is a great way to get counterhits and is absolutely frightening. The moment you see someone mashing or pushing buttons, delay your cl. smp and catch them when they whiff. Another one of Yun’s powerful tools is his clp, clk, slp, slk used together with his smk and cmk. For example, you could whiff a clk, move back a little, and hit the opponent with a cmk into lunge punch when they whiff. The same thing applies for slp, and slk, used together with smk. smk has quite a bit of range, so it really gives access to options. It can help space you perfectly for a heavy divekick, and can get opponents to jump, resulting in a upkicks punish. slk into lunge punch is best used to punish whiff attacks if you can’t smk on reaction. It can punish a variety or things and space you perfectly to use your divekick after your opponent has been knocked down.

Coming from a Ryu background, it seems to me that Yun’s main frame trap is, I usually just leave a gap in between my block strings if I think my opponents are mashing the crouch tech, but as far as I’m aware Yun doesn’t have any useful counter hit setups (eg. Cody st.hp counter hit giving enough +frames for him to link a c.hp afterwards) since he can already combo off his and You can always just go for up kicks after a dive or even ex lunge if you think your opponents are teching, just don’t use the lk version.

Good stuff!

Awesome info about his normals, sheez didn’t know he could link mp so…many times xD

Nice, Dustlooper