Come Join Me at #TvC

Come join me at #TvC on EFnet. Talk about strats, combos, or just about anything. Hope to see you guys soon.

-Tha Hindu

What time is this thing popping?

Yeah I went in there a couple times and nothing was going on.

I’m generally idling there all the time. So Ill pretty much know when someone says something if I am at home.

I have been idle in here lately. If anyone wants to discuss anything tvc gogogogogo!

Maybe its me, but I think would server as a better server for #TvC.


Seriously. We got more people. The rest of you can come now.

how do I get in?:confused:

seems everyone’s just idling. And it’s one of those IRCs that shows off your location and IP. nothanks.

I tried to join, but it kept kicking me and giving me some nonsense about a banned proxy. I don’t even use a proxy…:confused:

You either join through some web java IRC or you do the,imo, better option. Get an IRC program, so you can leave it running and you can idle so that when people start talking you can jump in.

All IRCs usually show case your IP, just incase the OP needs to perma ban or something. There are some that hide them through a special mode on join, but you can activate the mode in any IRC that you join. Some IRC programs auto set this mode when you join, like Icechat.

You’re really missing out on shit too. Dont let ignorance stop you man.

It’s might be your ISP giving you troubles.