Come check out my blog!

I’m giong to be releasing a ton of content, including eventual pieces on the FGC and it’s growth.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m dmbrandon. I’m the X-23 player who frequents 8 on the Break, Big Two and Salty Battles in tri-state. I’m also one of the TOs responsible for Apex2012 from January, an Evo stop and the largest tourney of the year so far!

I’ve been writing a long time, so I decided to keep it organized and get a blog going. I have a few articles up already, and I would mean alot to see you guys support by checking out some of my stuff!


Newest entry:

Newest entry, detailing the awesome movie-fication of the Uncharted Series

Another entry: Capcom is Wasting Out Time; Their time.

This entry details the recent flop demo of Dragon’s Dogma, and highlights a bit of MML3!