I just cant seem to get combos down all the time and find myself relying solely on special moves for the victory. Perhaps someone out there with nothing else to do would like to train with me online some? Id appreciate it.

Side note - I still haven’t found the fighter thats just right for me. Im not the best at FADC and someone mentioned a character like balrog might be better for someone like me over using a character like Sakura…

lol i was on the same path as you, when i first picked up sf4 i wanted to use viper i sucked with her , lost bout 80% of online battles, i switched to rufus about 8 months into sf4 i kinda got his combo down but i was still losing a majority of the time , so i thought about switching again i stumbled upon playing random char with my buddy. his normals kicks ass, he dishes out a lot of dmg and takes a lot of dmg also. i would say now i win 80% or more of my online matches and i hardly use combos with him. his command grab kicks ass and ex-headbutt gets you out of alot of sticky situations.

I always pick a character that fits my style and I feel comfortable with then worry about everything else later. If you wanna use Sak, then use her, and just practice practice practice. I been using Seth about weeks and was getting tore up at first, but now I can hold my own in most the matches, though I still have alot of matches to learn.

Yeah ive been practicing a bit more with sakura. still get my ass kicked but im working on it.

i can work with you if youd like, i always enjoy helping people out. gt = This Is K1

lets play =)

combos are so hard. its very good to know and can win you games tho.

caprich, please add me. i too would also like to practice combos. bigchips107