Combo's are connecting randomly!?!

Hey guys, I’ve been having a problem, and i didn’t want to post this because i didn’t want to sound noob, but i play akuma, and I’ve noticed anytime you try to combo with medium punch, it does it randomly for me, for ex. when i try to do c.LK, c.LP, and c.MP, the medium punch wont go through even tho i see it in the input data (on training mode), same goes for two c.LP and one c.MP, the medium punch wont register, but i see it clearly on the input data that i indeed clicked on the medium punch, it only works sometimes randomly, when i see Japanese players play with akuma they hardly, or never drop their combo, what is this strange phenomena that I’m experiencing? I use swana buttons and a swana stick on my Arcade stick, i though those were suppose to be really sensitive? anyways, I’m really interested to know, thanks guy’s!
btw c.LP = crouching light punch, IN-CASE nobody knew

you need to link the then it will combo, you’re trying to chain it by the sounds of it. Do it slightly slower

yeah I am, so you think if click on the button slower it would work? i randomly link those up

What he’s trying to say is that there’s two basic ways to combo moves together - canceling moves into each other, and linking them into each other.
Canceling is just what it sounds like - you interrup the execution of one move to do another. When you can cancel normals into each other, this is called chaining. Spamming light punches is an example of chaining them, or canceling light punches into each other.

The second way is to link moves. This means you let the previous move execute fully, and execute the followup right afterwards. Linked moves rely on hitstun to combo into one another - that is to say, if you hit an opponent with a crouching jab you recover from the jab five frames before the opponent regains his ability to do stuff. For these five frames, he is vulnerable and can be punched and kicked some more. A crouching medium punch’s first active frame is the fourth one, so after your crouching jab finishes you have a two-frame timing window within which the medium punch will hit the opponent while they’re still helpless and thus combo. This is a link (a two-frame one in common fighting game jargon)

So, in your case you can’t chain/cancel a crouching jab into a crouching medium punch - you have to try linking them. The reason your combo is likely failing is that you’re pressing the medium punch while the jab is still executing - this will cause the input to be ignored as impossible. If it was a jab (or a special move like a fireball for example) the game notices the cancel and does the move.

its not random.
learn the timing.

as far as you can’t reproduce the phenomena with clean cr:mp: (or :mp: ) out of nothing, your buttons works fine.
So it’s all about timing your links and using plink to do them easily.

Priority of chaining can be used to use some usefull patterns instead of clean inputs.
cr:lk: xx cr:lp: , cr:mp: (2 frames link)

cr:lk: xx cr:lp: , cr( :lp:~:mp: ) simple link (3 frames link)

cr( :lk:~:lp: ) xx cr:lp: , cr( :lp:~:mp: ) adding a crouch tech

cr( :lk:~:lp: ) xx cr( :lp:~:mp: ) , cr( :lp:~:mp: ) same output off only 2 different inputs to learn, do it tight and it’s a string, do it slower and you’ll make frame traps.