Combofiend announces an Update to AE v2012! C'mon Ken comrades!

Yes an Update to this version and Capcom is asking players for certain character adjustments we feel are necessary.
Link to Ken section:

Go put what you feel neccesary to make ken better at what he does!

This is what i posted:

Yo Combofiend whatsup? Glad you are working this hard on making capcom games better.


  • The most important! Ken is suppose to be FASTER than Ryu, i mean seriously look at his lame dashes and walking speed, its horrendous! Its even cannon Ken is faster and flashier.

  • I second the U1 AA property, should have atleast a larger upward hitbox to connect most of the times full Ultra while AAing.

  • Ken Ex Shoryu properties, for a Shoryuken specialist to have the worst of the Shoryukens priorities? at least make the ex hell of invincible if you dont want to touch the others.

  • Ken AA trade a lot, yes even MP shoryuken.

  • I honestly dont care for ken’s fireball game its okay i guess, Ryu’s should be better, but atleast give Ken some good pokes that can lead to some GOOD blockstrings.

  • An alternative way to connect a combo to Full U1, besides counter HP shoryukens juggle.

Thats all Combo the first point its obviously one that needs to be corrected, even wikipedia says Ken is faster, enough with Ryu this and Ryu that, dont forget Ken is one of the most popular characters also!!

Woot! C’mon let’s get Ken buffed!

At a minimum he needs this. Anything on top of that would be gravy :).

-Combo into sweep (7 frame sweep)
-Walk speed that matches Ryu’s

C’mon guys, post in capcom unity! we need that thread to be flaming hot if we want CAPCOM to hear us!!