Combo Into Demon?!?!

Alright I didn’t really wanna do alot of searching but I saw this.


So the cLP->cLP->cMP->Fb->FADC->Demon I couldn’t get

I tried for literally 20 mins in training mode against ryu and couldn’t get it. I wonder if its character specific but this could be potentially awesome. A hit confirm into demon would be the shit even if it is corner only. at 1:10 this shit is confirmed now lets figure out a way to perfect it.

I’m not sure on the specifics of execution but I wonder why anybody would want to blow all meters for less than 400 damage?

O.O It’s kinda funny, I was toying around with ideas like that after seeing just how amazingly fast Akuma’s FA2 is…

Hit confirming a Raging Demon with a fireball is pretty awesome.

The whole combo is stupid but the MAJOR POINT is cLP->cLP->cMP->Fb->FADC->Demon
is the important idea if anyone can confirm on what characters it works that is awesome. The potential of many demons landing is awesome.

I thought this was known? I mean you basically have to do this in his hard trial.

Maybe you wouldn’t combo into a raging demon but you did FA cancel a fireball for the crumple.

^Umm no you don’t. With ken and sagat yes but I know all of akuma’s trials and you don’t. You do have to do cMK->FB->FADC->sHP->HP dP that is his only FADC combo in trial mode as HARD TRIAL 1

No, you didn’t. You FA canceled for a dash in fierce punch in that trial, the rest of the trial are all variants on his bnb combo.

I had the idea of a focus stun off a fireball into Ultra a week or two ago, because I know Rose can do it and I tried it out in training. Could not pull it off at all myself, I wanted to check hitstuns and startups and things in frame data to indicate if it was theoreticly possible, but those only seemed to make it more confusing.

I just put it aside and forgot about it. Back of my mind still thinks it ain’t possible, the vid may be a fake.

^ yeah I have damn good execution in training mode and could not re-create this at all but I’m really hoping it does work. I tried against abel, sagat, akuma, and ryu and could not get it.

Again I’m looking for a confirm on this.

This is amazing and revolutionary, finally a combo into demon!!1 But of course it’s almost useless, stupid hard to pull off, a waste of meter and damage, and still can only happen off of a focus crumple.


The combo shown was a waste, but that wasn’t the point. The concept is sound and potentially kinda cool. Just doing the fb->lv2 FA alone would not scale the ultra that badly, and makes for a good corner poke tool. Even if it is blocked, you are in with frame adv from the lv2 FA, so you have a safe confirmable ultra.

Im not near my box but does cr.lp>cr.lp>cr.MP>fb>fa lvl2>demon(half…full)

do more damage than

cr.lp>cr.lp>>fb> fa lvl2> cr.MP>cl.hp>lktatsu>dp.hp?

Not near mine either, but mathematically speaking it should do more. But barely. I don’t even consider it worth using ultra after FA lvl2 alone if the meter is only half full, so certainly the difference after all that scaling would make it even less worthwhile.

Anyway, regardless, I wouldn’t do this combo with that many jabs in front of it even if the meter was full, it’s confirmable with less.

Yeah he was hit-confirming the crumple WestAB style! (love that guy btw)

^Lord one more demon setup is just one more for people to have to worry about. You land this once and oh shit people are gonna panic in the corner. I still need confirming if this is possible because I can’t fucking do it.

^Also west your combo would be harder considering the toughness of that link compared to easy mashing of demon.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, West is A) pretty consistent with c.MP, s.HP and B) I’ve never seen him cancel into a LV2 Focus mid-combo. I certainly can’t do the cancel without trying like 10 times.

^Yeah but even west fucks up the combo here and there (I’d say 20-30% of the time). I’d rather go 100% into demon then chance fucking up. I just thought it’d be cool to have an ultra that was once claimed to not be combo-able into but now you can. You pull this shit in tourney play and people will remember that shit.

BTW: has anyone succeeded in doing this yet? I’d like to know if it’s possible.

I believe fb -> FADC only connects in a corner or point blank.

I’ve tried doing it in mid stage and no matter how quick or how long FA comes out it will never hit your opponent unless i was literally next to him.

also point blank fb in your opponent’s face is kinda just well… meh… safest would prolly be, fb -> FA2 -> ult but thats only doable in a corner i believe.

If anyone knows how to link fb -> FA2 in mid stage without being point blank please do tell

wait. are you talking about fb > FADC or fb > lvl2?

From my testing (midscreen) it seems that if you do any string 2 or more hits into FB -> LV2 Focus, the focus will not reach the opponent as he’s pushed back too far. This only works for me in a corner, and the window is so small that it’s ridiculous.