Combo interrupts?

Picked up the game last night and am loving it! I did have a quick question though.

Im pretty new to these kinds of games since my first serious fighting experience was TvC. I understand the importance of dodging and blocking to avoid getting locked in your opponent’s combo but there are inevitably times where a combo WILL land. Now I notice that there is no Mega Crash in this game or any mechanic similar to it so my question is : Once my opponent has managed to get me in a combo, is there anything I should be doing to break free?

I am well aware of the counter ariel exchange mechanic so I am speaking strictly of non assisted combos. Without there being a way to interrupt combos, it often feels like I might as well put the controller down once my opponent gets going. It may be that I was spoiled in TvC as I don’t think any similar mechanic was present in MvC1 or 2. Is it just part of the MvC culture to not have a way to escape once you’ve been hit into a combo?

Once you’re in a combo you can’t break free until they either drop the combo or the combo ends.

Aside from breaking free from air tags, as long as the opponent doesn’t mess up his combo, there’s nothing you can do.

I do miss Mega Crash as well, though.

Technically, you can break a combo if a it team air combo if you guess the right direction they used for the exchange. Other then that, you’re pretty much stuck.