Combo Execution of other fighters not SFIV?

SFIV is the first fighter where I actually got into the technical stuff. In between playing SFIV and the release of SSFIV I want to try to get into another fighter…the question is, how do these games compare in terms of COMBO EXECUTION? (Difficulty to learn, perform, etc.)

Tekken 6

though mainly interested in Blazblue and Tekken as the general consensus was that KoF was a flop.

Also, what about MvC2? I got it through Live but never played it much since I don’t have anyone to play with.

(If it matters, I’m using a TE stick, and not a pad.)

BB has a much more lenient window for inputs.
Tekken has no combos (this is teh jokezorz, for those that can’t tell)
MvC2 has easier BnBs but some difficult unfly combos and infinites.
I have no idea about KofXII.

I’d say BlazBlue would be the easiest to learn out of those.

Uh, yes it does.

Anyway, BlazBlue and Tekken are both super easy as far as “doing combos.” BlazBlue has that 5-frame rapid input, Tekken just has huge input/buffer windows.

juggelen 6 has no combos? LOL

I like the new KoF better than BB. Haven’t played all that much of either, though.

Also lol @ topic, please don’t tell me you’re only willing to try games that are as easy or easier than SF4 in terms of execution… Why don’t you read some reviews, watch some videos on youtube, pick the one you like the most - And then just work on learning the game?

In MvC2 it’s really easy. Even infinites are pretty damn easy to do. I think the only hard thing to do in the game are unfly combos. I say that cause my sentinel sucks ass.

I think he was referring to marvel’s magic series, which is the tip of the iceberg in terms of MvC2 combos.