Combo everyone might want to try out

cross over short, standing medium (make sure it’s only ONE slap), cancel into RC lightning kicks, crouching medium punch, level 2 super kicks, rc lks, crouching jab, crouching medium, level 1 super kicks

Try it everyone…does over 10255 dmg it’s about 32 hits

Do you really need to RC all the lightning legs?

lol no need to RC shit that combos. WTF is this RC shit extra credit?!?!?


lvl 2 xx rc kicks

You cant even cancel into RC… well… out of a normal anyway…

crossup LK, s.RH, Lightning Kicks, s.MP, lvl2 works as well I think…

well u don’t have to Rc lightning kicks it’s just the inputs i do when i do a lightning kick that’s all

and i dunno about not being able to cancel a normal into RC…but i’ve been doing it…haven’t mastered the combo but i’m practicing

There are only 2 ways to cancel into an RC:

1 - Level 2 cancel
2 - While using a-groove meter

Both times cancelling into an RC is completely useless.

Even then, you have some characters which cannot even cancel a lvl2 into a roll. Todo for example.

I do agree that it’s useless. In fact, you risk messing up the combo because of it.

Back to the point, chun-li reaming. I’ll have to practice linking after the lighting kick.

damn…like 4 hours of practicing at home, and then playing at the arcades was kind of a waste…the arcade is like slower than the PS2…damn “perfect conversion” my ass…

just a tip…dln’t practice too much at home…=\

You can RC…


I can’t seem to combo anything out of the Lightning Legs? Help plz?

To combo out of lightning kicks is to use high kick lighning kicks. almost anything will combo I prefer to use stand hp then another special.

like cr. lp lp mp xx lightning kick special lvl 2 ( wait about maybe 13 hits) cancel into HK lightning kicks ( about 2 hits for that) Hp lvl 1 special.

but theres one thing that I cant seem to do is to stand Hp into upside down split kick there.

I see a guy doing it at the arcade.

thats cuz shes standing, spinning bird kick is a charge down move, unleasse you mean canceld, then maybe ya, i dont know chun that much

I’m not saying that you’re lying about seeing but…

This is supposedly not possible. When one uses multi-button press moves like the lightning leg, you lose all charges. This means that by cancelling the level2 with the LL, you lose your charge and then can’t cancel into a charging special. However, I do think that there is significant time to charge but, you’ll just have to be precise if it is, in fact, possible.

I don’t know about losing charges when doing multi-tap moves. Although it’s the common belief, it doesn’t mesh with my fave Blanka combo. Frc electricity in the corner, lvl2 electic super, frc electricity, level 1 electric super. HOWEVER, I don’t usually do this when I play because when I RC the electricity, THEN I can’t do the super. Not that I try much cuz I’m not one to sit and practice anything for too long(not as hardcore as ppl think I am, haha). Still, the lighting leg isn’t an RC.

If all of this holds true, then I think the rule would be that RC’d multi-tap moves lose your charge or CANCELLED multi-tap moves(meaning cancelling another move with it like a roll or lvl2) lose your charge and multi-tap moves by themselves. The blanka combo gives you hella time to “re-charge” after the cancel so that explains why that still works.


in order to do chunners s.fp xx sbk, you just need to input the s.fp before you complete the attack.

charge down. c.lp, s.fp, u+fk

heres a chunners combo to try. its off a video done on gief.

chunners backed into left corner:

sj.low head stomp (hits the front of gief), j.fp, delay fp, land,[1 hit] XX fk legs*, fk legs, far XX level 2 kick super, fk legs, s.lp, fk legs, far XX level 1 kick super,, gief dizzies, sj.low head stomp (hits front of gief) j.fp, delay fp, land,[1 hit] XX fk legs, fk legs, far XX level 1 kick super,

58 hits and does about full life…about 98% damage


  • = lightning legs

ph!Lop!a: Where can I get the video that combo is from?

Thanks in advance.

i got it from denjinvideo.

it should be in the forums.

look for the old forum folder and search for single cvs2 combo vids.

if i can find the link ill post it.


c. lp, c. lp, c. mp xx LVL 2 kick super xx HK LL, c. mp xx LVL 1 kick super

and with consistency i can hit
c. lp, c. fp, fp fireball

am i good yet?

crouching fierce isn’t bufferable into specials, just supers.

crouching lp, STANDING fierce, fierce fireball works, not the combo you posted.

unless you’re just THAT good. and until you can do standing/crouching strong into super ON REACTION, your chun is lacking.