Combination of Domination Tournament MISSISSAUGA July 9th - Results Thread

Combination of Domination Tournament MISSISSAUGA - July 9th - Results thread

Here it is. Now I can relax.


1 SpiralGuy
2 YRSF_Blitzman
3 Saco Jericho
4 RPGv2
5 Loofus
5 Davero
7 ItalDaniel
7 Raynex
9 Tat
9 ChopperEX
9 Chaos2D
9 Pringles
13 Radman
13 El-Nilo
13 MoneyMarv
13 Psychochronic
17 John Barbin
17 The Jungler
17 KillaCam
17 Zako
17 Dabmai
17 John Wayne
17 Nguboy
17 Suprbeard
25 Quandizzle
25 BlueBlazer
25 DrySoap
25 IronStein
25 RXS
25 Mason
25 ChaChaMan
25 Austintacious
33 Avarice_X
33 Cata
33 Kyo45
33 Theli
33 Sethimayne
33 Munk
33 Smiles
33 UnclePeppers
33 FussenPepper
33 Marhal
33 Dr.Gon
33 Gichan
33 Pro-Gamer
33 The Robin
33 TTT_Gohan
33 Cotterbot


1 White_R
2 NickCam
3 TTT_NeoRussell
5 Joker
5 Rebelo
7 PsychoChronic
7 Japots
9 Magic
9 WTF_Nightmare
9 YRSF_Blitzman
9 Quandizzle
13 Rikir
13 TTT_Gohan
13 Theli
13 Felipe
17 Noble
17 SpiralGuy
17 Chaos2D
17 KillaCam
17 Jing
17 WingZero
17 LBP
17 Loofus
25 TTT_AzureFighting
25 Zako
25 Ligue
25 Mason
25 ChaChaMan
25 Nitrox
25 Avarice_X
33 Nightmare
33 Spoonr

Mortal Kombat

1 TTT_NeoRussell
2 W1nterWarz
3 TTT_Gohan
4 TTT_AzureFighting
5 RPGv2
5 John Wayne
7 Davero

omg can’t believe chopper got 9th

Great tourney Danny n nice set-ups even though it was a lil hot. There was enough room for casuals and regular matches. I think this was just as big as any other top tourney’s out there, if not bigger. Congrats to all the winners n to Joker who beat me by a pixel…amazing match:)

Salman aka Magic

Even without the bye and DQ that I was awarded, it was still a personal best for me. Plus it was tons of fun! Loved watching Saco’s Fuerte tearing it up four matches in a row haha

I had a blast and it was finally cool to see all these unknown/online/hidden locals finally get out for once. Just show your face more often and you’ll level up. Good stuff to Buddah for hosting.

ps. You need fans.

Five 'Sauga in top 8…I’m happy.

[INDENT=1]Love to thank you everyone that came out to the first ever COD event in Mississauga. Tons of fresh faces that I never seen in the community before, coming out to support and play :)[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]About damn time Sauga got some real hype in our town. Amazing turn out from both parties way past my expectations.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Thank you everyone that took the time drove from far as Montreal, Buffalo and Niagara to come show support for the fighting game scene.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Big shout out thanks to Vince RSX for running brackets and recording hype matches all day.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Good stuff by Gichan holding down Smash bros side of things.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Thank you Mikey for helping me get this venue and holding it down at the tourney.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Big thanks to our sponsor[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Hideyuki Henderson and his wife Omega Collectables for sponsoring this tourney with great stuff.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Congrats to Jack , Ryan , Bernard and Russell for being the first winner at COD tourney at their respected game.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Big ups to everyone that bought food/drinks at the venue :)[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Special love to my family and friends helping me set up, prep , and clean the Buddah’s family came in full Force.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]lastly thank you everyone that helped assist me to progress the tourney forward and people that help bring set ups[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]If you guys want to check out the photo’s taken at the tournament, head over to the for the pictures![/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]5-6 HDMI cables, Mortal Kombat game.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]I’m pretty sure these items are just misplace and understanding . please contact me if you have them. Danny (647) 393 7995. Also please report to me any items missing or found also.[/INDENT]

I LOVE YOU DANNY! IM CALLING 647 393 7995 on those lonely nights and for a booty call

Fun tourney and nice meeting all you guys there and i’ll def come out 2 more tourneys. Only downside was it was hot as shit in there. Anyways i’m happy with how I did almost made top 8.

Aw man, I got 13th again. Thats gonna be my unlucky number >_>.

Btw are the recordings uploaded yet?

Thanks for having TTT players in the event. It was great and had lots of fun. It was hot as people mentioned but that’s why you bring a water bottle in every tourny. LOL

Danny: The HDMI’s are with me if the ones your talking about what was attached to the monitors. The tournament was great. It ran well. Don’t be afraid to ask your helpers for help. I saw you running around like crazy person when there was 4 people standing around in that kitchen. It was a great turnout and I could only ask the same for TTT School Rumble next week.

TTT RXS: Great job at the tourney handling bracket. And say thanks to your helpers as well. Give people the heads up when you upload matches. No rush. As expected of a member, you are awesome.

Gameplay Thoughts:

I personally didn’t expect to take 3rd place in Marvel. Getting bodied by Jack, Trite and Rae helps a lot from the looks of it.

Jack: Thanks for taking me out. Hope I made you sweat a little.

NCam: 2nd time I lost to you in a tournament. Damn that Super Skrull. Oh well. Great games.

To the people that lost to me, i was shocked as well. Hope I can play better again next time.
I didn’t play SSFIV:AE because it was mad hot and was so hungry. I chose food over gameplay, I must be getting old.

P.S. I hate phoenix and Super Skrull.

Hidey and Rosa: Always nice to have OmegaCollectables for chat. Hope you guys enjoyed the prize. I want that bomb figure pls.

Everyone I talked to in the event, it was great to meet you if I never and even greater talk with you if I already know you.

Just like Danny says, pictures can be found here.
Please hit “like” on our Facebook page. It takes a second of your time and gives back to TTT so much more.


shoutouts to performance enhancing drugs =P
im happy with my placing this tournament, although next time im gunna try and stay dedicated to my new team more =S
also mvc3 sauga players PM me man, im not sure how we all live so close together and dont play together. stop playin online man!

off the top of my head…
Nightmare (ur sauga rite?)
Salman (aka Magic)

PM me man, right now me nickcam (2nd place winner), dadesi, daflipmaster, cha cha man, psychochronic, joker, and sacojericho play pretty frequently at my place. i live in meadowvale area. So come out!

  • RDK

Japots lives on Lisgar/Doug Leavens LOL, that’s so close!

shoutouts to everyone danny mikey rxs and gichan for running the tourney, Also big shoutouts to everyone who made marvel hype. Lastly shoutouts sentinaal lvl 1 no respect factor. Lets go

That’s what I keep telling both of these mans… they both love playing Marvel casuals, and they both live next door to each other…

I know that salman moved closer to HQ but maybe hes back in sauga now

it’s a great tournament great experience.

Shoutouts to all I was hanging out with and who I played games with, good times in sauga, thanks to Danny for putting this together, also thanks to RXS for being able to bring me out to this.

i definitely need more practice with a wider variety of people. i almost didnt sign up for mvc3 cuz i got bodied so hard at casuals in the morning, haha.

shoutouts to whoever was toasting the buns for the burgers. seriously the best bread i’ve ever tasted

edit: @RDK i tried sending a PM but its erroring out and wont send D:

Ya I moved near Markham area but I’ll def give you guys a shout when I come down to sauga

also I also tried messaging you RDK but couldn’t get through either…weird n e ways send me ur contact info n when do u guys have casuals so I’ll try to drop by if I come to sauga

Big ups and shout outs to all the winners. Thanks to Danny for having us out, we’re always happy to support the community. Great turnout, albeit a tad bit warm in that room.

Props to RXS for enduring it all and keeping the tournaments running via gdlk execution and a will of steel.

Special self-promoting shout out to YRSF_Blitzman- good shit son!

Let’s not forgot to give props to Gichan and those who helped keep the smashers tournaments going. And on that note shout outs to Raynex for taking home the gold in Singles and Doubles.

@Buddah - I’ve located the MK so I will return your copy to you. Thanks.
@Russell - You will get your bomb candy handed to you next week when YRSF blows up TTT in the 3v3. Oh and FYI - the HDMI cables are mine so I can grab them from you on Saturday.

We also snagged some pics of the event for everyone’s perusing pleasure:

Lastly, shout outs to random stranded smashers.

guys i msged you. let me know if u got it otherwise just add me on facebook. rae addo