Columbus Bar Battles 3 - Columbus OH, 8/21 - Special guest: JUSTIN WONG! Now at MoMos

Columbus Bar Battles 3 will be held in Columbus, OH on August 21st, 2010

Prepare yourself – #1 Street Fighter IV player in the USA, Justin Wong will be attending the tournament! Train hard and be ready!

WE’VE GOT A VENUE CHANGE!!! CBB3 is now being held at MOMO²! Read below for details.

If you are attending this tournament, please read this post: 8/14 update

We are now requiring [free] pre-registration. You must pre-register to participate in the tournament! If someone from your crew is coming to CBB3, let them know, especially if they don’t check this thread often. The pre-registration form is here: Columbus Bar Battles 3 Registration

Special message from MrBlasty (and myself) regarding the pot bonuses: The move to MOMOs has greatly affected pot bonuses. We will not know what we can give each game until the end of the night, so there is no confusion. If you are top 3 in a game you will receive bonuses unless that games has under 10 people. Games receiving them so far are I tell you we hope at least 50 a game and hopefully more depending on the turnout for said game. Any one upset by this please keep in mind a few pages back i posted it a lot as a downside to making the move and not a single person spoke up, so there was time and I don’t wanna hear shit later.

Click here for the flyer!

Our 3rd event is brought to you by Columbus Fighting Games, the MidWest Arc, and the Columbus fighting game community. More games, more hype!

All brackets will be run by either myself, Ailerus, Brent (MrBlasty), Tim Static, Ghaleon, or other trusted members of the community.

A live stream and commentary will again be provided by the legendary Brent Harris aka MrBlasty, along with guest commentary from various other players such as myself and anyone who belongs in the chair and on the air.

Venue information
2885 Olentangy River Road
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 784-0888

The tournament will be held at the much-revered MOMO², primarily known as the home of Season’s Beatings for 5 years running. If you’ve never been to MOMO², it is a large, comfortable venue with a laid-back atmosphere. In addition to great food, they also serve bubble tea and alcohol to those of age. If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of fast food and not-so-fast food joints within walking distance, including the popular Raising Cane’s. But please, respect the venue – no outside food or drinks permitted! There is plenty of parking in front of the venue and throughout the shopping center, especially since there will be no other major events that day.

Vuvuzelas are permitted at this event. However, our tournament staff, nor the Zeno’s staff, nor any attendees present are responsible for what may happen to you or your vuvuzela should you attempt to use it.

Schedule, entry fees, and payouts
Doors open at 12:00pm noon, though the bar opens at 11:00am. If you arrive before noon, you can chill at the bar or help us set up. :slight_smile:

Venue fee is $10. Everything we receive after covering our costs will be split evenly across all non-SSF4 games as a pot bonuses! Just to be clear, I’ve marked (*) all games that will receive pot bonuses.

If you bring a TV or a console + appropriate game, you will receive $5 off the venue fee. If you bring a full setup (TV + console + cables + game), your venue fee will be waived. We don’t need an unlimited number of setups so please PM myself or MrBlasty if you plan on supplying something. The final cut-off will be determined at the venue, first come first served, so PMing us early and then showing up at 3:00pm with a SSFIV setup ain’t gonna cut it.

Super Street Fighter IV will start at 1:00pm sharp. Other times are rough estimates.

  • Denotes a pot bonus.

Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) - $10

*BlazBlue Continuum Shift (PS3) - $5
*Melty Blood Actress Again (PS2) - $5

*Super Street Fighter II HD Remix (Xbox 360) - $10
*Tekken 6 (PS3) - $10

*Marvel vs Capcom 2 (DC) - $5 + Low Tier - $TBA
*Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (TBA) - $5
*Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360) - $5

Random MAME Fighting Game Tournament (PC) - $2
Side tournament(s) for the top vote-in game(s) - $TBA

Tournament rules
All games will be double elimination, or round robin + finals for games with 5 or less entrants. Games will be 2/3 matches, then 3/5 for all finals (winners, losers, grand).

In double elimination tournaments, the player coming from losers into grand finals will have to take 2 sets of 3/5 to win. After each match, loser can switch character, winner cannot. In grand finals, if the player coming from losers resets the score, both players can change character in the 1st match of the 2nd set. All games played on 2/3 rounds unless specified.

Pot split will be 70% / 20% / 10% for 1st / 2nd / 3rd, respectively in all games.

In SSFIV or MBAA, if a player pauses the game during a tournament match, the other player can choose to get a free match, play the match over, or unpause keep playing. In BBCS, HDR, T6, UMK3, and VF5, the match will be replayed from the appropriate round, since in those games, meters either don’t exist, reset, or are easy to reset (# of bursts in BBCS). In MvC2 just let it rock cause DC blue screens are a way of life.

Game-specific rules
Super Street Fighter IV: Winner can switch ultra.
BlazBlue Continuum Shift: All characters allowed. Makoto and Mu will be available.
Super Street Fighter II HD Remix: Akuma is banned.
Melty Blood Actress Again: Archetype Earth is banned.
Tekken 6: 3/5 rounds, 60 seconds, random stage.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Game-breaking bugs banned, you know what they are.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: Gameplay-altering kodes are banned. Throwing is encouraged. :slight_smile:
Virtua Fighter 5: 3/5 rounds, 45 seconds, random stage.

See you there!

Super hype lets gooo


Mega Hyped!!! Hoping to make it out there.

I think I will be there with a couple of people.

I will be there 100% UMK3 in force.

BTW anyone interested in a Bloodstorm and Time Killers side tourney, hits me up


Dandy, hit me up on AIM sometime @ UMKStatic :coffee:

Dandy, hit me up on AIM sometime @ UMKStatic :coffee:

lol you recruited me for brackets already, nice nice :wink: We’re there.

Man I need to get a supergun. If I have one by then I can bring a board or two. I like your pot bonus idea. To be honest I would split it among 2 or 3 games though instead of 7 :wink: but either way that’s very cool of you guys

Yeah we’ll see how it goes. And for brackets you are not locked into anything, haha. I was just making examples since there were some bracket issues last time.

damn so much hype for our shit already thanks alot or the support guys me and dandy J will be sure to make this a fun event for every one
just a few things
1)set ups every event people always need set up we dont wanna be those people still asking for set ups 3 days before the event to please hit us up
2)wanna get some hype for ST again we had some real good players our before I am going to push to get even more this time
3)Marvel hype I really wanna build a decent size marvel tourney so spread the word to those marvel heads! If we have time there will be low tier :slight_smile:
money money money

this tourney will be hype, def gonna be there.

for anyone I dont like there for not on my friends list

Third Strike! Michigan is comin for you! :3

If I’m not moving and or preparing for school or some shit, I’ll stop through.

you are the most excuse making man on the planet dave …I hope you can make it

Guess where I’ll be Saturday, August 21st?

Hopefuly the ultimate hype can be there this time around. : D

im already there but I guess your ok to …real talk though you need to be at this

MrBlasty+Arkayne= Hype Armageddon.