Columbia, SC: We Won't Leave Until We Make A Sale

We’re putting our foot in the door, charming the Misses and won’t leave until we make a sale! (Seriously, I’m leaving the thread name as this until the next one :p)

Site: South Carolina Competitive Fighting
Stream: sctourney on
Face Book: SC Tourney Group
Youtube: SCTourney Channel

Upcoming Tournaments/Gatherings in the surrounding SC/NC/GA areas:

Casuals at Maddness Gaming - TBA

SC Tournaments:
CSC Battles 7 - Columbia, SC - June 18th 2011
ACT 2: Aiken Convocation Tournament 2 - Aiken, SC - July 2nd 2011
G-Vegas Beatdown 6 - Greenville, SC - July 16th 2011
ECG Tournament: Mortal Kombat 9 and CoD: Black Ops - July 23rd - Lexington, SC
Game Nation Tournament: TBA

NC/GA Tournaments:
Elite Zone Tournament - July 9th 2011 - Fayetteville, NC**

Don’t change the title! This one is actually perfect. Remind me to thank Eskay and Solidplay for such a brilliant idea. Also, about the front page, you should definitely take that idea to the bank. Update the front page with all important information. Casual announcments, upcoming tournaments, travel plans, etc.

Speaking of travel plans, I am constantly networking with Alabama and doing my best to convince them to come to CEO 2011. SkeletalMinion is already interested and wants to make the move, but I am sure he doesn’t want to make that trip himself. So he will be talking with his community and seeing who is interested.

Now onto business…

*Making the stream work properly in HD with Playstation 3
Planning for CEO 2011 - Who’s going, who’s entering what and potential teams placement
Level Up! - Your game(s). Your execution. Your fundamentals. Everything.
End the Salt - Finding the absolute way to finally bring this community together. ( Touchy subject, I know. )
Networking and you - Making yourself and your community known within other fighting game communities. *

Let’s get serious Gentlemen ( and for your ladies that may be lurking. ) I’ve been in that serious mindset ever since returning from final round. I don’t plan to stop.

I agree. Hyperbolic Time Chamber till CEO and More MK9.

@ Usagi: The best solution for streaming/recording in high def, without spending $250 on an HD Fury adapter, would be via component (yRGB) cables with a component amplifier. The quality is very similar to HDMI and the amplifier is not expensive at all. I plan on buying one before our next tournament.

I’ve also started saving for CEO and I think this time we should rent an SUV there. It’ll save us the amount of money we would spend on gas for a few cars and everyone can pitch in on the cost. Hell, it’ll be cheaper than flying :-/

I was speaking with the guy at Game Nation and I’m wondering if any of you guys would be interested in having casuals there on Friday’s for $5 each? The owner can provide all the setups and I’ll see about the catering I heard about before. I know a lot of you don’t necessarily wanna pay $5 for casuals at Maddness, so this seems like a better option.

When it comes to “salt” in the community, I honestly don’t feel it’s that bad and is only getting better with us all maturing. To cut this short, if we stop trollin’ most of the time, quit the back talk, focus on training a few times a week and have more fun (i.e movie nights, going out, bowling, etc.), I truly feel most of us will get better faster.

Before i get bombarded with questions about the hype-cam footage. After cutting them it turned out to be 12 vids, each 15min long, and about 1.37gigs in size. Needless to say this will become a chore to upload so some time is needed. I’ll probably do the same thing I did with the charleston vids and upload a couple at a time and post em over next few days.

I’ll buy that for a dollar

See casuals at that place sounds way more reasonable than a certain place charging me to play my own damn system, but I’m past that now. But back to this trolling. We can’t stop the trolling thats like the best part of casuals. (Take that away I wouldn’t know what to do anymore.)


I didn’t know the salt was that serious to begin with. I was under the impression this whole time, the trolling was just trolling for the sake of entertainment value.

Though I can sort of see what you’re saying about certain people trolling other people who are trying to get better at the game and making an effort - but the way I see it, getting trolled is more motivation to get better.

The other night Byron said that when it comes to execution I have the “Dwaine” mentality of pressing lots of buttons till it comes out.

I’ve been carefully counting my inputs ever since.

Dwaine, [media=youtube]LuC6jeKjTdg"[/media]

@ Xavier: The basketball game starts at 12pm at Mays park, if you still wanna play. I must warn you that I haven’t played basketball in over a year and I might need my inhaler for the first time since middle school,lol.

Filipino Champ was salty about fighting Ricky.

Pissy/raging are a different beast

I had fun tonight and thanks to everyone who came by. I was talking to the Misses all night (Storm) trying to get that sale and had an ass load of rebuttals waiting for her. I got the door shut in my face a few times, but I made some money, lol.

I’ll probably go to Nashi tomorrow, just to help out with the tournament and duck playing sports once again :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol bailing on your co-workers to come to some convention to troll with us. Thats messed up and thats coming from me. Also I like your new avatar.

When are you guys gonna go?

I managed to get my Hori last night. UPS guy didnt show up till after 9 which is why I didnt show up last night. I was determined (hopeful?) to get my stick that night and not have to wait till monday. After testing it, it feels different from what i remember but its definitely more responsive than the madcatz.

Jared and I will also attend Nashi Con. However, we haven’t the slightest clue on how to get there. I don’t think I have it in me to troll those poor children in a possible BB:CS tournament. That and I don’t want to potentially reduce my skill level to play against a bunch of weaboos that want to nothing but press buttons. Ben will probably ride with Jared and I… then head to Keyon’s like originally planned to follow him and Dwaine. The rest is… whatever.

If I had a premium account, I’d get me one of those CEO avatars.

EDIT: Thanks for coming over, Ben. Always good to see someone interested in that BB grind. I’ll be trying to play with Skeletal Minion and Kyle today. :stuck_out_tongue:

At 9.

@Bryon: I replace Mike as pressing buttons guy. Does everybody talk shit about my execution. I see how it is. You drink a little tiger blood and think you real. I’ll show you. You just made that when I hit a combo I’m like I’m the best, I did it mang.

Well, Ben was under the assumption that you guys were going later than that. Since he doesn’t know, I don’t think we’ll be making an appearence. Since that bro won’t be awake til like 12 or 1. The same goes with Jared. Ah, well. Have fun!

Dwaine: I talk shit about a lot of things about a lot of people! This is why I am the most hateful man in South Carolina. Get at me.

I don’t crack of your execution. I crack on how late you are to everything. EDIT: Thomas nothing happens till like 12 to 1 anyway. So as long as you guys get there around that time you are good.

^ Gets mad at your double tap plinks the most.

Dear God, this is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard…and this got over 21M views? WTF!