Columbia, MO: The art of infinite rushdown

Columbia, MO: The art of infinite lockdown

other thread is lock in two posts, so here it is.

blah blah official columbia thread. We play pretty much anything, but we have Slash, Marvel and ST at the local arcade.

seriously? I’m going to have to check out the thread b/c if that’s true it’s a really bad idea.

I thought it was infinite lockdown…

Anyway first post

hay guys

crap :lol:

Joke’s on you! You have to be a moderator to change a thread’s subject line. Changing the first post will only change the subject line of the first post. I figured that one out when we moved our January tournament last year.

The secret to infinite lockdown BTW is the ume elbow

It only works on really small cabinets though.

I’ll meta the elbow by playing on VC cabinets :bgrin:

And I had to try; on some forums the poster can actually change the headline as well :x

For me it’s- The Art of Infinite Get Locked Down.

I still suck, picking up Yun is harder than I expected :. I got the basic combos down in practice mode but can’t seem to start it on the computer.

Who wants to get together for a last-minute Christmas party at my place, this coming week? If you’re interested post up and post what days are bad for you. Our basement has been sorta reorganized since the summer and it’s in pretty good shape, I figure we could get a few TVs and get some Four Swords and maybe some fighting games going. This goes for STL GG people too if they can get the days off. Remember that most of us are students without work during the weekdays/weeknights so we can be flexible if you have screwy free days mid-week.

edit: Forgot to mention after Tuesday is best, I have some family shit Tuesday night which I just found out about.

gads, I’ll have to check my schedule tomorrow at work and then I’ll be able to know for sure

Can I still count on Shohaib and Shekeib to make it down on Tuesday? Let me know so I can plan out what’s going on.

I’m sure most of you guys have heard about this but it made me laugh:

It looks like it isn’t going to happen. Shekeib has school on Wednesday, and it was decided that we should go to Michigan on Thursday/Friday. Mainly just family reasons.

Middle Of Nowhere '07 Thread

Post up!!!



Hey Chris here it is


The best iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ever is choi repeated j.C

I might stop by the tourney for ST. I’d ask about kof but I know only 5 people would play in it.

I took 2nd in ohio

man Justin can win with damn near anybody he puts time into for a like a week.

He does lil effective shit. Nothing fancy just really good launch decisions and grab stuff. Like if u miss a move he will dash in and karra throw u its feels wierd when u cant even lock up grab cause your still stuck doing something.

In winners finals I used Akuma. I won the 1st match and I did so much shit to win. then he started red parring hurricane and that was that, went to Ibuki, killed her, went to ken,killed him. After that I didn’t have too much drive man. Those are my Urien killers.

So thats why the finals were so sucky.

Later on at the house I found out hes beatable.
I owned his Urien with mine with Tyrant believe it or not. Several times. I also beat his Ken which is hard to do with Dudley 3 times and two times I got A’s.

Then he went to Yun and I was in a rut for a while but I found out my mak kills his Yun. I just kept winning the match he was complaing that I was random and that type shit wasn’t gonna work all the time but Random james was loving it. Its on tape too. Next he trys that non Chun shit I’ll know who to get on him from jump.


Good shit Cam.

Andrew your ST board has been done for a week 'n shit? Man your cell phone blows.

Does anybody play Guilty anymore? Please come to Gunther’s and play some fuckin’ Slash. I mean the cabinet’s got an inch of dust on it … an inch!!!:looney:


Did I tell you what’s wrong with my fuckin’ phone? The ringer doesn’t even work if the phone is closed… so what’s the point? I need to get a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure what version of MBAC this is but there’s some pretty funny shit in this vid:

Haha I remember that vid when I first dled it. That’s from ver a. The corner infinite is gone now.

This flash game is addictive as hell >_>