Colosus super is too nice

I dont know if you guys tried this but when you do his super you can controle the height of his headbutt I like to use this when I do a launcher :hcf::2p: and quickly press punch for the headbutt to hit.

I just started playing Colosus and I must say that he is the shit. Every combo to headcrush does around 80 damage. too good

corner combo- command throw lp, OTG.,, shoulder crush+lk xx headcrush, (iron man AAA), shoulder crush+lk,

  1. (they bounce over you) shoulder crush+fk xx headcrush (risky)
  2. (they bounce over you) command throw

i play colosuss alot i team him with doom AA and either Cable or marrow i was playing aroun with somethin and i found this strong combo

s.lp,, hit, dash sj, sj.lp, qcf+pp (headcrush super)…so much damage…not funny