Colors 3 and 4?

How do you unlock these colours? I’ve completed story mode and completed a few mission sets, I got the unlocks from the story mode but I thought doing the missions would give you the extra colors but it doesn’t.


Play arcade mode

Ah yes I just thought of that it only unlocks colour 3 though so I guess you have to do two playthroughs to get colour 4.

Yup, you have to finish it twice with the same character to unlock both colours.

I think its just a certain number of fights. You can unlock colors playing online, probably works for offline versus as well. Also in arcade mode you can quit during the final boss and still unlock the color.

I got Ryu’s color 3 randomly and have only played online matches, did complete all 10 missions for him maybe that did it

Thanks for the tip!

Yep just play those characters in matches. They will eventually unlock. Arcade mode or any other non story mode fight.

Does anyone know how many fight it is? I tried doing 10 games in arcade but it didn’t unlock color 4, although finishing arcade twice does it.

I did up to ultron omega and quit and then another 4 matches in arcade and got both 3 and 4.

So it’s four matches in arcade mode?

No, one colour per arcade mode playthrough, but you don’t have to beat the final boss.

The guy above said he played up to Ultron Omega and quit, then did another four matches and got both colors.

I think you have to beat Ultron Sigma for the colour and beat Ultron Omega for the character title.

It’s the number of matches played with the character (Arcade/Online).
I cleared arcade twice and got colors 3 and 4. Don’t know the exact number of matches to unlock by playing online only, but it shouldn’t take long.

I set the difficulty to very easy and the damage to highest and it still works. Super quick at unlocking the colors.

Yep, well I’ve confirmed it all. Put the settings on very easy, set to highest damage, kill Ultron Omega if you want the title as well as the color, otherwise you only need to do 4 battles to unlock the color. Piece of cake. To get the title no fuss just use Ultron to carry you through arcade mode and use the method I posted above to kill him very quickly.

Yeah probably like 4 or 5 arcade matches for each one. You don’t need to beat Ultron Sigman either since I didn’t for the second batch.

Edit: saw your thing yeah that makes sense.

I just use Ultron and carry the other characters through arcade mode. I could double up but this is no fuss method for me. There’s a trick with Ultron Omega and that’s while he’s got his fists up, attacking the hands will interrupt what it’s doing and stop it from attacking you, you can mash jab, or you can use fast multi hit moves that freeze it in place. I just use hp, hk, qcb+p to its face to deal damage and freeze it in place with Ultrons orb, rinse and repeat. With the difficulty down and the damage high it’s a breeze, complete arcade mode to get color 3 and the title, then do four additional fights and quit on the fifth to get the 4th color.

With very easy difficulty and highest damage you can do magic series into magic series and easily kill everyone with any character.
To beat Ultron Omega you do the same thing but you try to finish into an air super because you do more damage if you hit Ultron up above than if you hit the big Sigma head.
I suggest to pair projectile characters with non projectile characters since they usually always have an air super you can use to blast Ultron.

I just realised that after unlocking most of the colors, I’m gonna have to do it again when Wave 2 costumes come out…