Colorado Cutthroat Console Tournament 2010

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. The 8th annual Colorado Championship is back. This year’s state championship has a major implications to it. Those who place 1st in all tournaments will be sponsored to participate in SuperCon 2010 which is taking place in Denver again this year. Also, CCCT is part of the Road to SuperCon series which rewards seeding to the top four players/teams in those games designated as qualifiers. CCCT will feature Tekken 6 and Call of Duty: Modern WarFare 2 as SuperCon seeding qualifiers. So not only can you be sponsored by Cutthroat to attend SuperCon you can win an additional $150 for qualifying 1st for the Road to SuperCon series. That’s a lot to win at one tournament and it’s up for grabs. If you are casual gamers we will have TONS OF FREE PLAY ON ALL THE TOURNAMENT GAMES AND MORE FOR YOU TO PLAY ON WITH ADDITIONAL CONTEST AVAILABLE. The stage is set so LET’S GET CUTTHROAT!!

Colorado Cutthroat Console Tournament 2010:

SuperCon 2010

Road to SuperCon 2010