Cody's Meaty Combo

i usually beat the crap out of cody at the arcade, the same player too

the other day this one regular i always beat comes to play cody against me again… but i couldnt even get a move off…

it was like my controller wasnt working at all… does he have some sort of abel-like combo where its a series of moves connected into one move?

this time i couldnt get off any move between his 3 or 4 hits, he always came at me with the same hard combo, and nothing i could do could let me get a hit off

i always blocked the first strike, and no matter how many other strikes i blocked or when i went to do my counter, i couldnt get a hit in…even after a block… and I’m no noob, my timing is spot on

do his hits have like 50 frames or what?it went from like one 50 frame hit to the next, with like 1 frame in between them, i couldnt counter.

any ideas why? is it one of his moves or something?

it might have been the controller, but i played at the same arcade all day long, so i doubt it, i left angry after that match and didnt see if the controller was broken or not

don’t mash in between frame traps, to prevent to get counter hit. other then that. cody has no real “block string” other then chained c.lp, c.lp and, c.lp/

ya, thanks… maybe,

maybe i didnt really know how long each animation was or what to expect, but i thinks a little unlikely because I normally beat the crap out him

it seemed the combo was something like taking a pipe out, and some kick maybe, then something else…

anyway, it seemed to play out like Sagat’s strikes where you cant do anything if you dont have a good wakeup, he can just go from one strike to the next to the next while you are blocking without you being able to counter in between hits.

but maybe i underestimated him and should have tried my block strings

that’s either his focus attack or his ultra 2. lol

possibly, it was the end of like an 8 hour SSF4 streak at the arcade… he might have done his ultra but i was just too frizzled out to even notice…

thats actually possible… though i think i’ll probably have to wait to get ahold of the PC release to know for sure


Not to be a jerk, but if you were too frizzled out to see if he was doing an ultra attack or not, your timing probably wasn’t ‘spot on’ either.

you know i wasnt gonna even respond to this thread but HOLY SHIT, what a busy man!
8hour streak of sf @ some undisclosed arcade parlayed directly into a 7hour 46post srk debut!

tho miffed by this newly created thread(nothing to do w/meaty combos @ all btw), i like to give people the benefit of the doubt… so i checked out some of these 46posts, only to come across golden nuggets such as:

so unless proven otherwise, im gonna have to share sentiment w/some of the guys from the tier list thread

& in the unlikely event youre not trolling: read more & type less.

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lol @ this thread. actually you can reversal inbetween the hits of Cody’s Ultra 2. its probably better to only try this when you cant afford to take the chip damage.

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Man, srk has gotten so gdlk over the past year!