Cody's Command Normals

i’ve posted these questions a few times without answers.

What are some good ways to use his command normals?

I obviously sorta know when to use f+hp, and b+mp (although I seem to get caught with b+mp not working like I would hope, such as vs Ryu’s jHK), but most of all, how and when should I be using f+mp?

I normally use F+MP when fishing for counter hits or when I just want to lay down some rush down. F+mp, on loop is good for gimmicks.

All in all though, I forget Cody has this move and I hardly ever use it.

that’s my problem too. I rarely pull it out, or f+HK (aside from a few rare occasions, i dont use it much either).

I do like that f+mp stops bisons SK Loops nicely

interesting, when do you pull it out exactly?

f+HK is a good non-meter follow-up to HK Ruffian FADC. It’s also has pretty decent range and can catch some people off guard from a distance on its own, landing you a free knockdown.

You can follow any f+HK with an Ex-Upper, too.