Cody for SFV please!

Just to ask, what do you guys think are the chances that Cody makes it in? I’m gonna say it’s slim but there’s a chance he might.

Chances are high he’ll be in the game eventually IMO (through DLC or whatever). I’m not sure about the starting roster though. He’s a pretty popular character so I’m hoping he makes it in.

#15 in the world wide poll a little over a year ago. 8th highest male character and the 2nd highest male character that isn’t from SF2 (The first being Q but I honestly think a big part of that is the fact Q hasn’t been explored more so he keeps that air of mystery, if they explore Q too much he might stop being so popular. I still like the art design though).

Cody is also ranked #2 in the popularity polls for SF4 from eventhubs only behind Ryu.

Personally, I find the Cody / Guy relationship a lot more interesting than the Ryu / Ken relationship. I think that if they ever decided to make an SF game that doesn’t have Ryu/Ken I’d like to see either: Cody/Guy, Sakura/Karin, or Yun/Yang as the lead characters / rivals. I think they could carry the game.

It’d be interesting to see how they design Cody if he goes into SFV. Cody has only appeared in the less serious designed entries of street fighter. Alpha and SF4 both were a lot more goofy and silly than SF2 or SF3 in terms of personalities and animations. Which kind of works for Cody because he is usually a fairly serious laid back but sarcastic character surrounded by either over the top DBZ stuff or goofy stuff. A serious game with Cody in it would probably emphasize his blood lust for fighting.

Would love to know how, if at all, they evolve his design. Would they stick with the Alpha series prison garb? Would they return to a variation on the final fight outfit? Would they go for some sort of new look entirely like maybe a ball and chain or leg shackles or a totally different casual outfit like Terry in Garou?

Supposedly in SF4 they had considered going back to his Final Fight outfit during early designs, I can’t prove it but it’s something I read on the street fighter wikia page. It’s kind of neat that Cody, Cammy and Chun Li are the only characters in Street Fighter history to have two VERY different outfits/designs. I mean Ken has his long hair from Alpha and Akuma has his gray streaked hair in SF3 but the base outfit is still the same classic outfit other than the hair. Cammy’s alt outfit is pretty similar to her other one just some slight variations. It’s still a thong leotard + tiny hat + red gauntlets + camoflauge legs but the color scheme is very different for the normal outfit and she has a turtle neck + sleeves and a little yellow tie, it’s very very similar but yet still different enough to really spice it up.

Personally I think he’ll not be in the starting roster. But i’d love to see him on the SFV atmosphere and a evolution of his personality, trying to save him from himsef.
Another reason that makes me want him on SFV is that I “grew” on the fighting games with him, it’s strange, but I have a strong bond with him…

One of the things I’d like to see in SFV is more variation for the existing characters. Capcom are far too precious with the movesets - they’re pretty rigid about keeping the characters the same, especially for the most popular/longest running. I’d like to see the back of Bad Stone, either removing it completely and changing him up or switching it to a ‘real’ fireball type projectile like everyone else. You become numb to it after a while, but seeing him ‘pick up’ rocks on most stages is just plain silly. I suppose he didn’t have Zonk in previous games, so it’s not like changing him is completely sacrilegous!

If they want to stick with the stripes outfit then at least make it look like clothes instead of the bizarre skin-tight babygro onesie he has in SFIV. That thing looks like it’s painted on. Personally I think his Final Fight kit is much better, as long as they get rid of the dodgy tattoo/gun necklace! Eternal - which SF game did Cody have a different outfit in?

Cody appears in his Final Fight out fit in Alpha 2 backgrounds.

He will look bad ass. Alpha dodge I’m looking at you Capcom.

Can’t imagine him in SFV’s engine. Although I’d love a revamped character design using the lore as a reasoning behind it, A.K.A finally becoming Cody Unchained and moving away from the prisoner style.

I actually strongly think we’ll see him and Guy in the game, as well as Rose. In the story they seemed rather prevalent, especially Guy/Rose. And I can’t see Guy making an appearance without Cody.

Phone randomly double posted, apologies.

While I’d like to believe you, Guy was in Alpha 1 and 2 as well as Capcom Fighting Evolution without Cody. The A1/A2 being most important since those are core games. On the flip side, Cody ranks higher in popularity fan polls both in USA and Japan than Guy. Cody is actually ranked 15th in the overall (japan+english) results, Poison is 17th, while poor Guy is all the way down at 26th, Maki is 36, Rolento is 38, Sodom is 43, Hugo is 51. Note that this poll was taken quite a while before USF4 was even out.

I do think Guy and Rose are likely due to story connections to Bison and Charlie. I kind of expect that if they decide to evolve Cody’s design and bring him into a new outfit or back to his Final Fight outfit they’ll probably end up keeping the cuffs because they are iconic to the character at this point. Plus they are entirely voluntarily worn by Cody in the first place.

(still can’t believe this taunt isn’t in SF4)

But here is hoping that Street Fighters foremost ACTUAL street fighter comes back in SF5. (Or at least Uncle Haggar gets a chance ;P)

Ditto, I was mad as hell that didn’t make the cut for his taunts! I miss the smack-talk I could give out. Now the best alternative is to sleep, and low profile fireballs I guess…

I mean, I understand he wears them voluntarily and all but I was kinda poking in the direction of a return to valour for Cody, somehow getting character motivation through something and fighting with a purpose, uncuffing himself and taking things seriously. From a story perspective it would make me a very happy FF fan, but he’s almost solidified his prisoner/anti-hero style now, which is both good and bad at the same time for me.

When I think less about Alpha and more about the main string of games, judging by how much SF4 had them interacting and really showed off their relationship together I just doubt you’d see one without the other in the main string of games. If it were to happen and either Guy/Cody were missing I’d be pretty confident in saying a later DLC would probably fix that issue anyways. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Hug/Rolento for a while again though personally…just a gut feeling.

Yeah but if he takes things seriously then he loses that mystique of “How strong is he really?” since the common idea among many fans (even if perhaps the actual canon doesn’t back it up) is that serious Cody and Guy are like just short of or maybe equal to Akuma (not Shin)/or Evil Ryu levels given Guy gives Bison trouble and in the non-canon manga that introduced Evil Ryu in the first place Guy is able to avoid or block every hit of Evil Ryu’s shun goku satsu. Meanwhile Cody and Guy are supposedly known to spar (this was added only to the american version of FF1 on SNES and not canon but it’s hinted at in other games.) and the implication (even if not possibly true) is that Cody has a winning record vs Guy.

Guy is hinted to be holding back too as he didn’t kill Zeku even though that is supposed to be the code of Bushin-Ryu’s successor system (kill the previous master) and the only time he seems to get serious is when fighting Bison. Again though this may not be true canon, it’s just hinted so people like to run with it.

Now their power levels according to canon may not be actually up to regular Akuma or Evil Ryu or Oro with both arms but a lot of players like to believe it. You remove the cuffs which Cody wears voluntarily to remind him to hold back and keep the fight interesting and he loses some of that interesting “what-if” factor to his character.

Also I loved Cody/Guys interactions in SFxT more than anything, especially the round starts and the little SFxT vita shorts. IMO They have the best relationship of all SF rivals/friends. They are more interesting and different than Ryu/Ken as partners though those two are certainly more iconic. Cody reminds Guy to be less serious and Guy reminds Cody to be a bit less reckless. They bring out the best of each other.

(Shame we don’t actually get to see them fight)

It’s going to be Evil Cody (no handcuffs)

Hope that’s a troll

If Cody was in Sf5… I think his v-trigger should allow him to unlock/break his cuffs. He could say “boring the crap outta me” or something. His v-trigger could make his moves have a ton of priority and hit stun or it could make his movement a lot faster. It could make his combos easier and more damaging. As a cody play I found that using the knife has only some purpose… more to scare off your opponent. In Sf5 the knife/knifes could be a variation like in MKX. The knife version could be for more zoning and poking, a lame cody I guess. I really hope Cody is in Sf5.

I’d prefer the cuffs stay on, it keeps him mysterious. Plus the cuffs are on by choice anyways. He doesn’t need to break em or be “allowed” to unlock them. He chooses to wear them.

I would like to see him come back in his Final Fight style, new moves replacing his criminal moves (Ruffian Kick/Badstone/Criminal Upper) but possibly still some similar ideas. Badspray can stay, he is still a street fighter who knows there is no such thing as “fighting dirty” when you’re on the streets, fighting for your life.

Personality wise I’d imagine him kind of like Spike Spiegal from Cowboy Bebop. Laid back still, seeks out fights, likes to showboat, a bit cocky but can back it up, kind of hung up on his past still, and moves smoothly to the point of almost seeming lazy, not quite to the level of Spike as Cody is would still be a bit more aggressive overall but smooth. Such as V-ism Cody’s easy dodging animations where he simply moves slightly and dodges attacks. Less of his double handed haymaker attacks like closeHP/crouchingHP, more conservation of motion like his farHP and bMP but still a couple big moves like his crack kick and overhead. That would be pretty similar to how he is now IMO but a lot less self pitying.

He’d still wear the cuffs though to signify he is holding back, and to remind him of his past mistakes.

Knife would still exist, still need to be picked up too, but it’d be much stronger. Has some target combos, attacks do actual 25% chip damage on block instead of 10% white health damage. Has a command normal or two specific to the knife replacing ones he might not have otherwise. Like instead of having no move at all for F+MP he gets a different move entirely, maybe even one that doesn’t serve the same purpose at all. Something like a lunge attack with armor but it knocks down and is unsafe on block up close. B+MP could be an upwards sweeping low attack similar to Gen’s sHP in crane stance. Maybe have another unique special attack besides knife throw too.