Cody Cellmates: PSN/XBL Player Directory

[LEFT]Just as the title says.

Add your PSN/XBL Tags. Ill go ahead and update the first post as need be.

Maybe well do this like…

Name: ( SRK Name)
Region: ( What region your from , and city/state)
Gamertag(s): (PSN/XBL If you have both and your names are different supply them. If they are the same just let it be known.)
Characters: ( self explanatory)


Name: rb_999
Region: Ontario, Canada
Gamertag(s): rb999x (XBL); rb_999 (PSN)

I also play Guile currently if anyone is interested in some matches!


Name: Rizhall
Region: East Coast, NYC
Gamertag: Rizhall (PSN)
Characters: Cody, Vega, Guile, Ryu, Zangief, Makoto

Name: Nikko
Region: Philly
Gamertag: Nikkowar (my DJ name as well-if I can actually find work…but that’s another story)
Characters: Cammy, Abel, will be moving on to Guy and Cody

Updated first post



Name: 2ToN
Region: Pembroke Pines, FL
Gamertag(s): XBL - FrY Of FrEeDoM
Alt characters: main - Zangief serious contenders for alts - cody mak and hawk

Name: Dasvanu
Region: Back and forth between North VA and Portland Maine
PSN: Dasvanu-

Other characters: Viper (Main), Cody, Ken, Guile (Sub Mains)

Name: Sincere
Region: Brooklyn, NY
Gamertag(s) SiNCERETheGreat (PSN)
Characters: Abel & Cody

Great post Arkayne!!

Name: Videad
Region: Monterrey - Mexico
Gamertag(s) VIDEAD (PSN)
Characters: Rose & Cody, maybe Guy too

I am so adding you to my friends list once my PS3 fixes.

Name: tonylew84
Region: Brooklyn, New York City
Gamertag(s): SUPARSTARX @ Xbox Live
Alt characters: Cody is going to be my alt, Bison is my main.

No doubt my dude mind me askin what happened to ur ps3???

It stopped reading discs. I have to take it to a shop to get it checked and then fixed. I think it’s a laser reading problem.

Also, wow, so many NYCers! Freakin’ awesome! We should all have a get-together and have a local Cody tourney. lol

Name: coldviper18
Region: SLC, Utah
Gamertag(s): (XBL - coldviper18) (PSN - coldviper18)
Characters: Currently - Cammy, Gen
SSF4 - Cody, Ibuki, Cammy

Yo I’m down! Sounds awesome!

Name: Cicada
Region: SoCal
Gamertag(s): CicadatheL337 (PSN)
Cody, Boxer

Throw me in there.

Name: rhymeswithaddy
Region: Boston MA
Gamertag(s): Addysun (Both)
Alt characters: Dudley, Ibuki, Gouken, Balrog

Name: Jcool813
Region: CT
Gamertags: Jcool813, xJeezy_
Alt Characters: Dee Jay, Balrog, Rufus, Random

You can take it to this store in Chinatown called J&L they can fix it at a very good price all in 1 day, see i said the same thing about an abel tourney but most of us are angry already it would be a very salty tourney about who T. Thrown who but yea i’m down LOL