Cody AA

Just wondering if plinking Cody’s Anti airs would help with neutral jump spammers, being as from my understanding plinking helps moves come out 1 frame faster?

Short answer is no, plinking does not make moves come out 1 frame faster.

Long answer, plinking basically is a technique where you input the same move 1 frame after another. Normally this is impossible as the pressing and releasing of a button takes atleast 2 frames. The whole point for plinking is being able to hit tight links for combos, punishes and setups.

Check VesperArcade YT vid where he explains what plinking is:

If they are just dumb retards only doing neutral jumps to pre emptively stop jump ins than walk forward and do a hk ruffian,, or If they are doing it after throw techs, first few seconds of the match, or at certain spacings they are most likely looking for your mk, lk and ex ruffian or even a dash forward or You are too obvious in your approach then and you should play more reactionary to what they are doing.