COD 4 AV Request

Hi All,

I have an Avatar request for anyone that is able to help me out with. I posted in another thread, but did not pay attention to the activity of that thread before I made the request. Here is the photo that I want:

And here is a cropped version of the actual portion of the image that I want in the Avatar:

Please use the original image, as the quality is better. I would also like magnus on the Avatar using a similar weight, color, and font style as Activision if possible. If the font style is not the same, then it’s ok, I’ll settle for something close :).

Any help would be appreciated.



Like this?

Yes, looks really good. It’s simple, yet very clean. Thank you for taking the time to put that together for me.


Cool shit, I hate helicopters in COD4, they always find me in buildings