Cocktail Arcade Cabients, anyone have one? The appeal?

Just curious, lately i’ve been in the mood to surf the net and read up on lots on retro related stuff. Noticed these Sweet looking cocktail cab kits sold around various sites. They are fairly cheap, solid quality, and EASY to build. Plus compact, easy to move around, dissemble, transport, etc.

Eh normally i scoff at those kinds of cabs, but the concept is kinda neat. Mainly though it seems like it would be awkward to play on one with the screen aimed straight-upward like that, but then i’ve almost never played on one in person(i think i did when i was a kid, but it was brief).

Anyone have one? Can you stand to play on it for decent periods of time?

I also haven’t played on one in a while, but I do remember them not being very comfortable. You’re probably better off with some type of candy cab kit if such a thing exists. The consensus here is that it’s heavily dependent on the game:

These are great for old shooters and puzzle games. Shit, I’d like to have one for some 4-player Gauntlet action, but for fighting games… not so much.

Playing on a cocktail is a different experience than playing on an upright for sure. It’s a sort of novelty. Your gameplay will probably not be as advanced on a cocktail, but that is the limitation of the hardware, just like the difference between playing old arcade games with period correct joysticks and buttons vs. using a d-pad on a controller. I’m sure Donkey Kong controls better with a Sixaxis, but I’d never play the game like that cause half the fun is using the Nintendo joystick and leaf buttons.

Oh, and the nintendo vs. system cocktail is THE best cocktail I have ever played on:

They’re shit for fighting games BTW

Ok now that design seems better, with the screen tilted to face the player, rather than straight upward.

Or a cocktail cab with ability to adjust the monitor if needed.

I want to get one to use as a coffee table.

I always felt a “Battleship” style design would be more rewarding for cocktail table type play…something with a vertical angle. But beacue of my height I hate anything thats not a normal height arcade cabinet, even candy cabinets are assed out to me. I dont’ even get how people can sit down at those things and play…

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