Cloud Av

Well, jenova av wasn’t a success, but now i think I’ll change my request to an Cloud av. Cloud from FF7 (Final Fantasy 7), that dude change how i viewed RPG’s. A very great character. So, can somebody create an Cloud av for me? Thanks to all helpers.

Hmm… a Cloud av huh? This sounds a bit interesting. I might just give this one a try. Let me see what I can do for ya. Just give me a little time though. I’m kinda new to av’s, but I just got done making one for someone else. I’ll post it below. If you like it, let me know if you want me t o make you one.

Ah hell kid, I really wanted to make this av anyways. i liked the idea, so I went ahead and did it anyways. Hope you like it.

Thanks alot, looking great!!

I’m glad that you like it man. I’m kinda new to the av thing, so mine aren’t up to par with everyone else’s, but I do what I can.