just checking if anyone wants this it’s a Hori Command Stick PS Custom
like this one but it’s the Red one with one COM button and it doesn’t come with the Original Box or Manual
(cause i bought it off of YJA)

it’s in excellent condition everything works

i want to trade this for a ASCII V PRO PAD or ASCII Stick 3(working of course) if not i will sell this

Starting Price:

Is there a turbo feature on it?

You need to state a price.

Does this have a real-time input recorder as well as the LED manual input method?

will do, no turbo…

i think it’s only got a manual input method

I remember Toxy telling me that it only did 20 actions per button. ASCII Stick/Pad does 208 if there is no command pack. Command pack x4 give it 1216. I don’t think it’s an equal trade at all. I think there were some other limitations with the HORI stick but I dont remember. I’ll post stuff ASCII pad/stick does:

okay i changed m y mind i’m keeping it

thanks for the info Magnetro