Closed. Duplicated topic.

Uh…splitscreen multiplayer isn’t a draw when it’s just 2p versus. Splitscreen with ou vs a friend? LAME. 2p coop, with 3 or more characters on screen (you and a friend vs 1 or more opponents)? Awesome. And inverting the second screen? Lol, try again. Better yet, get rid of splitscreen and do it right: call it vs mode, and both players have to each have their own device.

Thanks for the feedback Rhlo2k! Network multiplayer is a next step , the screen is inverted because this game is for iPhone/ iPad, so players are facing each other, that´s the reason.

Indeed, you are right, split screen multiplayer might not be the best description, what I’m trying to say is that 2 people can play on the same device, I haven’t seen so far that feature on any other mobile fighting game. I’m old school so I liked the idea to having people playing in the same device , face to face. Any advice on the naming would be greatly appreciated =)