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  1. Your best bet is MDF for the bulk of the construction. Some wood or plywood can be use to reinforce the structure.

  2. You always can get thinner boards of MDF, and sandwich 2 or more together. You can leave a gap to the lower layer of MDF so you can set push buttons and your stick much easier.

  3. No clue

  4. You want to use wooden dowels, “biscuits”, or screws to reinforce the joints, don’t rely on MDF alone.

  5. Some sort of self adhesive plastic. I might suggest getting a sheet of clear acrylic for the top panel.

  6. No Clue

I prefer getting a really thick sheet of mdf and just routing the shit out of it, seems more natural. Never heard of biscuits before but I just looked them up and they seem very interesting, might have to give that one a shot. I’ve never been a fan of putting plexiglass over the artwork, I prefer to just get self adhesive stickers. I have access to a multi-million dollar graphic design lab, that is not something challenging to do lol.