Thx SRK :karate:


You got pics and details???

Answered via pm.

Still looking.

LBC if you don’t sell/trade that 360 stick we will eventully get this deal done i’m sure. Sent you a PM

Deal fell.

Still looking :xeye:

Will also trade for a HAPP in good condition

New info…

had like 9 or 10 positive feedback in the old iTrader…

Not trying to crap on the thread, but pics here in the topic would be nice for potential buyers. :slight_smile:

Lets just say that they were on here before :wink:

Links to pics added.

just horrible placement on the art of the second stick. :lol: Covered up the best part. I wish these were hrap2s, not used to the layout for hrap1. Good luck with your sale though.

O.O massive nosebleed

Link to the art on the 2nd one please?

got censored :lol: but hey we all see cleavage :tup:

I dont have it unfortunately :lol: not that I wont share :wink:

Sellin’ your shit, eh Putosan?

Good luck on your thread. B)

One thing to add , if you buy the ps3 stick you get my copy MGS4 basically new only played it once for free :amazed:

Would you be interested in trading either for my Happ stick?

:u: PMed :wow:

SE EX 360 Traded :D!

Payment sent for PS3 one