close please.


I get mine at home depot for less than 1$

What’s the specific size, do you know?

i think they are like 1"x1/8" machine screws .then i use tiny washers. the bolts & nuts come together in a small green bag in sets of 8.

I thought as much. I tried to find one that was exactly like 'em and they didn’t have any. 8/32 were the closest and I thought they’d work but they turned out to be a little to big. I want to avoid using washers as well since I’m picky like that. :sweat:

Bump in case someone has some before I try lizardlick. I can do $3 for 4 if they’re from the jlf stick.


are u talking about mounting the arcade stick to the metal plate itself? or the case? cuz if your talking about attaching the stick to the jlf mount i am also looking for nuts and bolts.

The stick metal mounting plate to the welded plate on the hrap2 layout. Anyways, I managed to find some that worked so I’m good now. Thanks and please close thread.