Close MK on USF4 : great tool?

I don’t understand what they changed with that normal. Now, it’s airborn one frame sooner (4 > 3) OK so what can we do with that, possibilities?

After a forward dash focus level 2 (+2 on block), it’s a good stuff to do? It beat crouch techs and lows?

Tell me how you use it now, thanks.

With the dash forward after a blocked lvl 2 focus attack it creates a better frametrap than before, that’s about it for practicality sakes.

Yes, it’s +2 after a blocked lvl 2 focus so Blanka is airborne frome 3f to 5f so i guess it beat cr. techs and lows.

You’re better off doing or if you’re only concerned about an immediate or throw as long as you believe in your timing. can hit slightly more delayed techs, but not by much. If you read the situation you could definitely delay though, but thats obviously risky.

Now where shines is that it allows you to pressure characters with command grabs or armored moves after a blocked level 2 focus. You can routinely focus or kara focus from outside of their command grab range so while in the past you had to backdash to not put yourself in a mixup, now you are able to and beat their reversal command grab or armored move. This shines especially against Hakan or Abel.