Clockw0rk vs. Justin Wong vid?

<3 clock gimme vids

That will be on Evo DVD… Taping vidoes is bad cuz that means no evo… You fool…

actually the video hes talking about is casual, not tournament

send here if anyone has

AIM : skylancer15

me wants to see more of clockw0rk in action :evil:

try asking quicksilver, i think i got it from him, but deleted mine a long time ago

I have it but im not at home right here its 9am right now im in school around 3:30pm ill get home do the math ill send the vids to who ever wants them

i want to compare my S/D team to his. need to see. please e-mail it to me( or AIM me (dbmurasaki) before hand. thanx in advance. i want to see if there is anything im doing wrong w/ my team. i need to fill in tha holes fo’ my team if there are any glaring ones. thanx in advance and have a good one.

allright ill see you on aim

umm what character do you play with strider doom

My strider doom teams are

ClockWork(of course)

oh. as much as i like clockwork, i don’t like copying other ppl’s styles. i want to keep my own. here are my teams (some aren’t S/D):

1 S/D + CapCom

2 team scrubs

3 Mags/cable/psy

4 Strider/Cable/Doom

5 Strider/Cable/sent

see you on aim.


Magnetic hail: i got the vid.

Omski2k4: I know what ur sayin but its hard to compare urs (or people that can’t test their s/d on sick players) to his cuz he plays top level competition and watching him, he makes S/D look easier than it is.

I play


those are like my main teams