Climbing over the fireball wall

Does anyone have a good approach against a fluent fireball-er? Not a spammer, but someone who is genuinely out to bait you into a DP.

I find I either have the option to all out hadouken war against them, leading to a boring, 50/50 game or playing into it and just jumping and trying to land a safe-ish distance away.
Playing as a shoto typically so don’t have many/any dash moves to get through them.

I feel like I should be doing something with the focus attack or light dp to get through them, but have failed in my experiments so far.

If you feel like you have a solid read on them you can tatsu over their fireball and smack them in the face with your foot, other than that you can try to focus through a low forward fireball

work your way in with fadc’s, walk up/block, neutral jumps, jump attacks, or whatever tools your character has. you see should see these happen in match video’s with your character if you ever watched them. there is no single clear cut always work answer to these. there is skill involved. if your opponent is better at the fireball game than you, you’re gonna have a bad time.

This put a smile on my face. I most definitely Pizza when I should French-Fry from time to time :stuck_out_tongue:

Walk forward and block (old school SF2 tactic)
Focus attack one then move forward
Neutral jump over one and move forward (also old school SF2)

But yes, there’s no singular answer, it will depend on the guy you’re fighting too. For example, more experienced guys will vary the kinds/speeds of fireballs they throw out to off-put your jumping/moving forward patterns. Some characters have things they can do post-fireball other than a dp. E.g. Akuma and his Ultra 1 or Super.

A lot of shoto vs shoto (and SF in general) is getting into your character’s sweet spots where you can easily respond to or thwart the other guy’s movements. One example in fireball terms… you can get to a certain position where pokes like crouching medium kick can stuff your opponent and his or her fireball attempts.

FADC forward is invaluable, practice it a lot. Being able to FADC forward into a projectile-invincible move (I assume tatsu) is great against characters who can do like Fireball -> EX Fireball quickly to cut you off.

neutral jump to bait the dp out, land and punish. Seems to work in every Street Fighter game except 3S, as the DP could be parry bait.

fadc and neutral jumps makes it easier