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Capcom is in the dumps in terms of financial situation right now. It would seem that the FGC is growing, and everywhere I go people are talking about how awesome CvS2 was (aka capcom vs snk 2). I remember it, and as a fan of many capcom AND SNK games, I loved it.

Marvel is becoming a bore with 1 touch death and the top tier flexing all their cummuliative technology to basically create a 1 player game that is almost "1 touch death to your whole team due to my rediculous mixups on your next 2 characters --Zero I’m looking at you, also xfactor virgil, but you can always snap him in, but I digress) – So there is this void for a game a little more over the top than street fighter, but not as much as marvel.

Enter CvS3…

I want 2 characters, able to hard tag unsafely or DHC safely. Screw tekken-tag and their system, in CvS3 if one character dies, the next comes in marvel style.

Ideally, we would want 3 hit kills, similar to street fighter at the top level, however, make basic bnbs easier, marvel has a great combo system --not necessarily the launcher-aircombo thing - but similar to marvel style but not as long of combos, so faster hitstun scaling) but definitely don’t need 1 frame links, what’s the point? allow the game to be more focused on fighting as opposed to ridiculous feats of execution. - so easier combos than Sako 's Ibuki combo or something.

Since you no longer have to answer to marvel, only SNK, you can balance your game and possibly make the greatest fighting game ever.

also give us some groove options, I want to be able to KOF roll and run instead of dash sometimes. But then give the other grooves equally attractive options, or passive stat bonus’s.

Vote here to tell Capcom we want CvS3. Feel free to discuss.

I will send the results to capcom.

Dude, you should put this in the CvS2 section (this doesn’t relate to Ultra at all)

Sounds like to me, you want this game to play like KoF XI

Plus, why only two characters? They should still keep the ratio system

yeah kind of like that version of KoF actually Lol
I just posted a link in the Cvs2 Forums, I figured Ultra would be more active. Ratio worked kinda, but I just liked a consistent 2 or 3 characters, but It’s up to the developer.

You do know you can move your original discussion from Ultra to the CvS2 section right? Just click the gear on your post and you can move it to the CvS2 section.

I want more votes to send to capcom, I wont get many votes there. Rather post in 2 places and send the totals.

Sounds like you want SFxT without ridiculous mix-up Tekken characters and you don’t lose if 1 character dies.

yeah but the art style in xtekken is ass. I’d rather have marvel graphics/style

What are you going to use as votes? The total views this discussion gets or the replies? Doesn’t matter which one you use cause it ain’t going to make Capcom and SNKP do anything (not trying to kill your dream, but it’s the truth).

+1 on using the MT Framework engine (but Capcom decide on only using it for last gen games). The Tekken cast looks great in the SFIV engine by the way.

TBH, the whole big hands and feet of SF4 needs to stay with the SF franchise, SNK anime style all the way =)

[quote=“airbagtelex, post:184, topic:2141”]

– So there is this void for a game a little more over the top than street fighter, but not as much as marvel.

Vampire Savior says Hi, just saying. Also Capcom is in a bit of a financial hole like you said so I doubt they’d want to have to pay any licensing fees and shit to make CVS3. Ultimately it’s Capcom decision, so all this voting wont make a difference unless Capcom themselves came out with this pole.

CvS3 would suck I don’t trust Capcom to make another good game

CvS2+ Online however, would be a fabulous idea with the edition by Iron Galaxy.

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