Cleanest board I've used hands down

You guys got it right. I dont know what the backend for this is, it screams HTML5 and looks sharp. All features are obvious yet classy. Good choice.

It’s Vanilla.

Wait until you try to report someone.


You can’t.

Are mods just very active?

Not enough.

Maybe you should wait a lot longer than 2 days before deciding that everything on this board is hunky-dory?

I never referred to the community in my post, I just like how responsive the forum is. Indeed, I have not been here long enough to decide if the community is a fun one.

I know you didn’t, I mean the forum itself specifically.

These guys have a pretty a good board, and the admin is always working on little tweaks and improvement to make it better all the time. But the community is a lot smaller than SRK so that’s something i guess?

Ika Avatar, u win sir.