Clean Quick Disconnect pictures...closeups

Does anyone have any close up shots of clean disconnect installations?

I installed quick disconnects for first time and I’m using pliers and it stays connected but I’m wondering am I really support to crimp it completely closed?

thanks .


I don’t have a pic handy but when I put the QD on I tin the wire and then use a tiny bit of solder to hold the wire in place, and then crimp it.

maybe over kill but I’ve never had issues with my buttons cutting out due to a faulty wire/crimp.

Go and buy a $10 terminal crimper
RadioShack 8.5" 4-Way Crimping Tool -

Here I make a daisy chain.
DaisyChain pictures by rtdzign - Photobucket

If you get a Crimper like rtdzign show, you need to do a Double Crimp.

jdm, I use a similar crimper as rtdzign linked to and have never double crimped, but never have had a qd fall off either.

Is the double crimp just for insurance?

Btw, for a crimper, I highly recommend a ratcheting crimper. Saves your hands. Crimping lots of terminals quickly gives your hand that cts twinge.

Ratchet Crimpers are the best.
They all I use.

Buy super expensive ones if want to be cool like me.

A crimping tool is an essential investment in your tool repertoire. I crimp it on both sides then tube shrink it using a mini torch. You can also put a dab of non-conductive hot glue or loctite for added strength but this method can become messy. Also check the awg & thickness of the connects, the thinner ones tend to break upon slightest bending.

Nice pictures, rtdzign! As always, very informative.

I wanna be cool :slight_smile:

I know, not many of cool people in Tech Talk. :shake:


Thanks for tips guys! I have a crimped but I guess the qd I am using isntoo big for seimitsu to connect onto. Which brand or size is standard for osbf or seimitsu . Thanks again

Sanwa & Seimitsus use .110 tabs, I’m assuming you got .250s?

The size is .110" (2.79mm) with Tab Thickness of .020" (.51mm) being.
Thickness is important, because can fall off even if use .110" at wrong size.

You guys were absolutely right, I was using the wrong size. I really like the clean look of the crimped open barrel types with a vinyl clear sleeve. It’s funny the things that we find appealing :slight_smile:

thanks again!

How did you know I like to work with Open Barrel Terminals?

They look so much better than normal people’s Crimp Terminals.

Flag terminals look more clean still.