Clean diagonal to diagonal execution

I have never been able to get the hang of cleanly preforming db to uf and df to ub motions, with no vertical or horizontal inputs between. As a result, it sometimes messes me up when I attempt to cancel Guile fk into super. Does anyone have any tricks or tips for getting the hang of these motions. I’m on a stick btw.

My best advice is to just feel for the corners on your stick.

If you’re using a square restrictor (which I believe comes standard in most sticks, including the Madcatz ones), it should be fairly easy to tell where all 4 corners are. If not, just get a feel for it by practicing your DB to UB and DF to UF charge motions. Hopefully after awhile you should be familiar with their locations and be able to cross over.

Just hang in there, you’ll get it.

I had a similar problem. Doing Boxer’s BnB (cr jab, cr. short, Buffalo Upper, Ultra) was tough because I would always lose my charge when I did the up motion. I’m a noob and need to throw the controller all the way until it’s at the end, so I switched to a octogate. That way, there’s less room for error when making movements to diagonals. Helped my Claw game too. I can hit my EX Barcelona towards the person instead of missing the movement and getting a punished flip

Hold :db: to charge and then quickly go back to neutral and roll the stick to do :db::l::ub::u::uf: motion. This is how I’ve always done those db to uf ultras. Of course that motion is from 1P side so you reverse it for 2P side.

I don’t know how you did it before but if you just buffer the charge you should be able to get the moves out and not needing some straight “clean” execution.