Classic Mode in HDR

I was wondering why nobody plays Classic mode in HDR, I heard one of the reasons is that it is not the same as Super Turbo. Looking at first glance, it plays like Super Turbo with 1080p graphics.

I love HDR but Super Turbo is much more rewarding because of it’s difficulty and since it is in 1080p, I wonder why nobody plays it.

GGPO handles the online portion better.

Personally speaking I dislike Cammy in SS2T.

It personally feels slower than vanilla ST.

It feels the same to me (I played GGPO ST from the time it was available up until HDR was released. I think the art alone changes how people feel about HDR-ST vs vanilla ST.

Why??? What do you have against fast paced small/average-size breast bouncing???

Well cause they’re small. :rolleyes:

If you’re an ass man, cammy has some nice thighs. If you’re a breast man, I think E. Honda has Chun and Cammy beat.

:rofl: I tend to like well rounded boobs, not like Honda’s though. :smile:

It’s identical to the Dreamcast ST port (as far as anyone can verify), so the reason you were given is bullshit.

And please don’t start the “ST is better because special moves are harder” argument. It’s done, over, get over and and play HDR or don’t and play ST.

The only difference is that its slower than the faster turbos on Dreamcast.

Who would want to play ST anyways with the Oicho Loop, shitty Flash Kick and overpowered Original characters?

Yet people still play alpha 3 and 3s :looney:

If HDR wasn’t around, I’d be playing ST. Way better than that SF4. = )

You should come back and play with us here at PS3. :sad:

Don’t know when I’ll be back, but I look forward to playing you again Coth. I miss all the PSN peeps.:sweat::lovin:

Hey 3rd Strike is a pretty beasty game…

…as soon as you stop considering it a Street Fighter game.:smokin:

You still playing it on GGPO? I might try to play it some time. I need some more bullshit in my street fighters, hdr isn’t cutting it anymore.

clap, clap, clap! nice post!, well i rather to play the original Super Turbo than SF IV, ST in GGPO for me!

Yep I play it on GGPO.