Classic HRAP tekken 5 (ps2) restored

Hey guys, I was feeling nostalgic the other day so I removed the PCB from an xbox 360 wired controller, and used it to restore an old HRAP tekken 5 stick that I purchased years ago for the ps2. Sorry I forgot to take pics of the guts, but its basically just a xbox360 controller(usb wired controller) pcb wired to sanwa buttons and stick with quick disconnects. Now its fully function with xbox360 and windows.
Note: Soldering on the D-pad of the pcb was a bit tricky but no big deal in the end.

Has anyone else restored any old arcade sticks? Lets see some pics :slight_smile:

This is awesome i wanted to buy this stick just for the sake of having this box/case with that artwork since i love it so much but i found it has soldered buttons so modding for me to use it with ps3 would be a nightmare ;/

Thanks hwotk I just love old things too. It’s true it originally came with some crappy ps2 interfaced PCB, in which the generic hori button were directly soldered. Also the button diameters did not mach the sanwa obsf-30, so it required some filing down. Don’t be discouraged by that however, with the right tools and a bit of know how, this is easily achieved. Especially if you’re lucky enough to live in America where electronic tools, cabling, and sanwa parts are readily available. This is not the case in Australia as it turns out :frowning: . If you need advice on anything just let me know i’d be happy to help out or write you a basic tutorial with some screen dumps.

yeah if i could find the this version of the stick somewhere on ebay i could buy it (as long as its cheap) and then play with it i guess…but getting a hold on it (i live in uk ) would the hardest part :wink:

There is one on ebay but he wants $168 USD for it. I’m not sure what that means to you, but that is laughably expensive to me.

yeah for the joystick that i’m planning on tearing apart to make it work on ps3 thats lots