Clash for the stoopid avatar... dood

So anyways, there’s a retarded Xbl 3rd Strike tournament about to go on and I’m offering prizes to the winner. It’s just an Xbl tournament so it’s just for fun so why not offer a stoopid prize you know? Anyways, if you have SFAC and XBL…

[COLOR=“Cyan”]I’m offering this 120% RETARDED AVATAR and A MONTH OF PREMIUM to the winner of the cheesy online tournament:

Here’s the sign up thread:

and here’s where members of Team Hobos (RPD Rookie & Yeah Dood 120%) crashed the party and made this wack tournament into something jazzy:

Sign up, join the fun and proudly show off that you won an online tournament while your peers laugh and scoff at you. :rofl: They might even point while laughing at you!
Go go go go go… dood![/COLOR]


I don’t have XBL, but I sure do have AC…

**Hahaha this is great! Giving hope to the little people.:sad: **

:rofl: Sho’ nuff buddy! So far this is the biggest SRK online 3rd Strike tournament. We have over 30 people in it but we can use more!

Just a reminder, to everyone, this 120% BOGUS AVATAR and A MONTH OF PREMIUM is up for grabs to the winner of the silly online tournament we have going on:

We have 30+ entries so far but more are welcome to join in and get totally rad! Here’s the sign up thread:

Ippo Makunouchi says:
“After I joined the tournament, all my credit card debt dissappeared!”

Wow!!! What a testimony! Image what’ll happen to YOU if you join!
Go go go go go… dood![/COLOR]

:pray: :pray: need more ippo gifs!!! plz :sad: ill make you an ava :sad:


Ippo GIFs a-go-go! I get them from this site:
Enjoy… dood!

wow thanx lots !!! :lovin: