CLASH 2k6 @ the Break official results!

Here are the full Capcom results from the tournament:

CvS2 - 11 players

  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Nestor
  3. Jeron Grayson
  4. Julian Robinson
  5. Ernest Woo and Gavin
  6. DSP and Tony Barnhill

Ricky Ortiz shows up late and ends up starting in losers, only to beast his way into first place. Everyone seemed to be unhappy at the controls on the CvS2 cabinet though.

Super Turbo - 12 Players

  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Justin Wong
  3. David Spence
  4. Devin
  5. Julian Robinson and DSP
  6. Mike Turner and Jeron

Highlights included Julian getting revenge on me for NEC, then me getting revenge on Jeron for NEC, and then having Devin beast on me with O.Sagat with ridiculous psychic moves. Also David Spence and Justin Wong faced off for the first time in an ST tournament, Spence sent Wong to the losers but then was faced with fighting him again for losers finals because there was nobody left, and ended up losing.

Third Strike - 12 players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Ricky Ortiz
  3. Jeron Grayson
  4. Steve H. from Maryland
  5. DSP and Mr. Quotes

Justin and Ricky refuse to play each other, so Justin opts to play Jeron in losers finals and beats him. Finals were never played but from being at Phi’s house the night before, I can vouch that Justin does have the slight edge on Ricky in 3s, so he gets 1st.

MvC2 - 18 players

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Sanford Kelly
  3. Yipes

I don’t have full results so I’m sure Mr. Wigfall will post. The only thing to note here is that 80% of the tourney was played on the big cabinet, and it was mentioned by numerous people that the joystick on the 2p side was acting up. I even stopped my match before it started because I couldn’t even pick the right fucking characters on the select screen. Chris Cotty opened the machine, messed with a few wires, blew into the joystick, and came to the conclusion that nothing could be done because it’s a perfect 360 and there’s no repairable/replaceable parts to fix. He does offer to swap the stick but nobody wants to wait. FUNNY because the oh-so-dramatic grand finals, which had Sanford vs. Justin with Sanford coming out of the losers, had one funny note: EVERY SINGLE GAME was won by the 1p side. First Sanford went 4-0 on Justin and then they switched sides and Justin went 4-0 on Sanford. HHHHHHHHMMMMMM…I wonder if we should use 360s for ECC? That is Josh’s call.

so who won at poker?

that attendence was weak. Who won tekken?

Yea, well its a 3d Major. They’re are tryin’ to build the 2d games up…This the 3rd CLASH, just gotta advertise more thats all…insanelee won Tekken 5. Trev won Tekken Tag Tournament and RTD won Soul Calibur 3

i think eric a.k.a smoothviper got 4th and tony barnhill and wigfall got 5th

DSP, if you want to, copy the full results from this:

Those are the top 5 in everything that was played at Clash. I got them from Eternal Fighter.

Just want to say that this is a new year and Clash 3 gave the year a great start for the fighting game community. This year is a new year for me so I want to start it off completely different from last year. I want to say that I enjoyed the tournament atmosphere and took a lot of pictures of all the great players and personalities of the Fighting Game Community. It was nice seeing you all there and I will see you all again at Clash 4.

Later this week or early next week the Empire will post a Fighters profile article for the Fighting Game Community on the Empire’s site. I will post the link here when we are done. Until then.


so the guys actually played with broken sticks? wtf?

Yeah I can’t believe that myself…

I was gonna enter, but once I felt the sticks I was like hell tha fuck no! The break has the worst sticks ever!!!

How can anyone play on them is beyond me…

I say ECC is held at tokyogameaction, they are the REAL arcade now days on the EC!..

Would you bother shutting your mouth before you inevitably stick your foot into it?


Would you bother shutting your mouth before you inevitably stick your foot into it?
Shankar is a bit verbose, but tga’s lineup is too good

double cabs 3rd strike
double cabs cvs2
guilty gear /
kof 11
rumble fish

and the parentials
sfa/sf2 turbo/mvc2

tga is strong

not to mention there is a tekken dr machine about 20 miles away

Seems like that tournament sucked just like I predicted. Oh well, glad I didn’t show up on sunday. :slight_smile:

I don’t give a damn what TGA has, as my reply has no actual relevance to TGA or 8otB for that matter. I wanted to keep the chump quiet before he likely started shit again for bothering to open his mouth (ie: his reply in this thread) the way he did in the EC qualifier thread.

Ya Clash was pretty whack if you came for 2d lol. I didn’t even enter any of the tourneys except for Marvel (came at like 7pm the first day) and that was only because i got hooked up with entry due to low participants (i havent played that game in so long.)

namco was where it was at this tourney, get fucking hype

Why did you quote the only part about TGA then? His idea doesnt sound that bad to me, I mean RI might not be vegas but what is there to do in Dunellen, NJ?

Damn Chibi, calm down…Shankar’s just voicing his opinion; and as for what happened in the EC qual thread, because he’s a member of gasp Empire, he’s was bound to get flamed on regardless.:rolleyes:

As for Clash, I got mixed reactions. Some say it was cool, others say it sucked b/c of the fucked up sticks; Let’s just hope ECC won’t be like that.

@ Nestor:

Again, I wouldn’t care where ECC ends up, and I’ve never harbored ill will towards TGA but I suppose I should have quoted the line that I saw to be a bit unruly. There wasn’t much need for it really. Sorry about that.

@ Jaz:

I was more keen on pointing out his reply in hopes that it wouldn’t spark another flame war / what have you than concetrating on much anything else that didn’t quite matter (him being part of the Empire, etc).

We already have stupidity going on between the WC and EC, the last thing we need is the EC going against itself.

Wack. have some fucking decency. Anarchade closed, a MAJOR on broken sticks, what the fuck man. Seriously.

:wonder: :looney: :rofl:


…ain’t that the truth D… lolz … a nigga can’t help that shitt sometimes…

:sad: :tdown: …camon brandon. You shoulda played mc2 just for fun if anything.

now if you didn’t have a ride to be able to stay on sunday then… :wgrin:

I don’t think it was whack at all furbz… yes I didn’t enter any tourneys but the scene is enough for me. I went to chill with all my boyz from outta state. The trip was mad fun, regardless if the 2d’s were crappy. I got cassuals in, saw some good matches… overall a good time IMO :tup:

Ricky and Wong won’t play each other? That’s kind of weird.

I don’t really care where ECC is @… as long as I can play I’m coo with it. Since I’ve been playin @TGA on Jap. sticks, and my stick is a ‘real arcade pro’ (Sanwa) I’m used to those sticks.
I can’t play on “American” sticks any more.

Weather ECC is console or not is the REAL question. If it’s AC I think it should be at TGA(IMHO). If it’s console it don’t matter where it is @ since we all have our own sticks. I’m down to travel so it’s not like …ohh tga is close to me, blah blah blah…

Wigfall and dsp would still run the tourneys… … …

…whatever is better for the community… … … it’s all about growth!..