CLASH 2k6 @ the Break Complete MARVEL results & Highlights!

Here you go

1st. Justin Wong. Storm Sent Cyke/Cap
2nd. Sanford Kelly. Santhrax/MSS
3rd. IFCYipes. MSS/MSP
4th. Josh"Choke like I’m hitting that pff" Wigfall. Team Row/MSP
5th. DSP
5th. Smooth Viper
7th. Tony CT
7th. Nelson
9th. Ricky 0rtiz
9th. Lincoln
9th. Blue Jay
9th. Matrix
13th. Arturo Sanchez
13th. Liston
13th. Josh 360
13th. Hevad


Sanford getting his revenge on Yipes from Nec.

Me letting Justin make a miracle comeback on me. :rolleyes: (Seems like im good for those)

Me missing 473284903848398203489348 supers on yipes. (LOL)

Ricky VS. Bluejay Madness

Sanford’s V -ism Sentinal. This motherfucker combos every fucking button everytime. Its fucking ridiculous.

Thanks to all that came. Fuck you to those that didnt. (J/k).We’re doing another one Presidents Day Weekend. Hope to see you all there.

P.S. Nothing I do sucks. NO HOMO. My tourneys are always official.****

Wasn’t there a thread not so long ago about sanford retiring:bgrin: Always nice to see him on top though, right under justin that is.

The MvC2 Finalist matches were too good, high level marvel play is too good. I’mma upload the vids and get them up ASAP.

The matches i have are:

1.) Sanford vs Yipes (Winners Semis)
2.) Justin vs Josh Wigfall (Winner’s semis)
3.) Sanford vs Justin (Winners Finals)
4.) Josh Wigfall vs Yipes (Loser’s Semis)
5.) Sanford vs Smoothviper?
6.) Sanford vs Yipes (Loser’s Finals)
7.) Justin vs Sanford (Grand Finals)

And i thnk i might have some other ones, not sure.

<3 EC

I tied for 5th? Wow maybe I’m making a comeback…

Thats because i didnt enter that trash game.

If it was team row vs santhranxs, then yes that was me.

be that as it may…
MC2 had the best matches from any of the tourneys that were held at Clash 06. Not even T5 had as much exitement as mvc2 did.

I still think MvC2 is the best game to watch, without a doubt!

…I’ll take mc2 finals over cvs finals any day of the week… 2wise on a sunday… hey wasn’t the mc2 tourney held sunday… all we needed was a team tourney…

Shankar: You are a bit bias tho and you dont really play any other games seriously other than mvc2 and ggxx. Im not going to get into it but sure ill agree that “Clash 06” mvc2 finals were probably the best finals for other reasons other than the game being good or not.

ps: Erik is a beast in mvc2! I want to learn to play cable just like him.

You know very well I don’t play mc2 seriously… I don’t really play any games seriously, maybe it’s cause I’m a scrubb… Maybe GG Slash, and Tekken DR now… tha’ts bout it though…

Erik IZ a beast. When Sanford played Erik… Sanford was like “damn, he’s a problem everytime!”

shankar, holla at me on AIM…see whats good on some more documentaries, maybe you and I can brainstorm!

Josh, I didn’t say your tournies sucked. You had nothing to do with it sucking.

left side ftw

^^^^^^Ya avatar is GOD-LIKE!!!

Sanford Fucking Kellllly omfg just watched the video sanford is the funnest player to watch HANDS DOWN dude is mad creative.

Damn, didn’t know that storm shit could link. SICK!

Yea, that’s about right.:lovin:

ummmmmmmmmmmmm, that was the tightest mvc2 video I’ve ever seen.


Who’s the faggot suckin Sanford’s dick in the background?

For real tho, I was like what? I also saw sentinal do a standing f.kick cancel into throw :looney: