Civil War: Manifest Destiny Results! 9/16-9/18/2016 Cincinnati, Ohio (SFV, KOF14, ST, VS, 3S...more)

Civil War Manifest Destiny Results!

Back in the day, was all about the forums. That was the end all and be all of tournament advertisement, results, and shit-talk. You could gauge how well a tournament was going to do by the relative count of posts on the pre-event thread. It was a golden time. Meanwhile, the front page was a wasteland with no content.

Nowadays, the forums are a ghost town thanks to Facebook and the front page is a different kind of wasteland, one that concerns itself with Harambe mashups and cosplay over posting actual tournament coverage or announcing upcoming events.

So in a throw-back to the day when these games were popular, I’m posting the results here!

This tournament was a blast. I’m so glad Jesse at Arcade Legacy convinced me to do it, and doubly glad the community responded so well. Getting these kind of numbers to travel and pay $10 each for ancient games is completely crazy. What I wanted to show was that a tournament CARED enough to give these old games a main event treatment. Big thanks to everyone who came out, everyone who picked up a bracket, and everyone that brought setups. Especially big thanks to Tony Majors for bringing the cabs and Jesse for having the space and supplies to run an amazing event.



SFV (72 players)
1st Wolfkrone (Laura)
2nd BXA Squall (Necalli)
3rd BXA DavidAce (Ken)
4th SRM Dougie (Necalli)
5th Otter (Nash)
5th 412 Silvazio (Birdie)
7th ElitheCurry (Laura)
7th Servo (Necalli)
9th Comatose
9th ShinLad
9th 412 Diaphone
9th Mike Elder
13th Gmack
13th Kris Lane
13th DualKevin
13th Steel

KOF 14 (34 players)
1st 412 Diaphone
2nd CW Enigma
3rd Wolfkrone
4th Flannigan

Super Turbo (31 players)
1st Roy Bisel
2nd Hoodpope
3rd Immortal
4th PimpSirRichard

Vampire Savior (21 players)
1st MightyMar
2nd Alerius
3rd SonicSpear

3rd Strike (20 players)
1st Exodus
2nd Caliagent
3rd PimpSirRichard

UMVC3 (20 players)
1st Static Alpha
2nd Dual Kevin
3rd Joey D

Mystery Game Tournament (32 players)
Games played: Akira Pinball (PS2), Bomberman Racing (PS2) Wits (Fami), MvC2 on 3” TV, Starwahl (PS3), Crossroad Crisis (PS1), Uchuu Seibutsu (PS1) , Tribes, Aerial (PS2), SD Fighter (SFC), Makeup, Naked 2 (PS1), Kenichi (PS2), Battle Construction on fishing controllers.
1st Slayer
2nd Otter
3rd MST Vic Viper

SFV 3v3 Teams (9 Teams)
1st Otter, Wolfkrone, Min
2nd Squall, DavidAce, Eli

Guilty Gear XRD: REV (28 players)
1st Jet M
2nd Shin Sin
3rd Shin Lad

Street Fighter Alpha 2 (21 players)
1st TS Min
2nd NBI Immortal
3rd MST VicViper

Ultra Street Fighter IV (15 players)
1st Wolfkrone
2nd BXA Squall
3rd DerrickLegend

CvS2 (12 Players)
1st TS Min
2nd Caliagent
3rd Renegade

X Men vs Street Fighter (12 players)
1st Diego
2nd Ethan
3rd PimpSirRichard

Killer Instinct (10 players)
1st Sleep
2nd Gilgamesh
3rd BXA Jackal

Mortal Kombat X (10 players)
1st Destruction God X
2nd 412 Diaphone
3rd Action Jackson

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (9 players)
1st Renegade
2nd Caliagent
3rd Immortal

UMK3 (6 players RR)
1st tehdrewsus
2nd Nick Mathews

WINDJAMMERS (10 players)
1st Jesse Baker


ST Community: Jeez you guys are awesome. Chicago, Canada, and all the places in between! What a great turnout, that tournament was SUPER stacked. What a great finals!
Vampire Community: Thanks for coming from all parts to have a blast! Watching Mar vs Alerius was a treat. Glad I got to see Vampire Arcadia in action!
Virginia: man, it means so much to me that you guys came out and helped me out once again despite being 8 hours away.
Min & Ren: For coming this far to show everyone what being super good at some of these old man games looks like.
Bifuteki and Nathan: Thanks for running the streams and holding down the fort! I know eyeballs were mostly on Japan this weekend, but we’ll get there!
Khang and the 3S community: see you guys at TFC!

In the course of running 7 Civil War events, they’ve been run in:

  1. A basement rec room of an apartment building
  2. a punk bar
  3. a ratty hotel
  4. a state of the art education facility at a college
  5. the food court and center plaza of a dead mall

Who knows where the battle will take us next, but it’s been fun running these for you all!

There seems to be a typo for sfv second place

Fixed thanks!

I haven’t been to this part of the forums in 12 years!

Thanks for everything Robin, had a great time. Chicago, Saginaw, Ohio crews were all very cool people to hang out with.

Hopefully I get to see everyone at TFC!

Shoutout everyone except exodus. He threatened me into taking his sword home :frowning: