Cinderslam 3 Results

Yesterday was one of the Hyped tournaments I’ve been to in a while. I want to thank the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and of course the entire state of Mississippi for coming out to support the fighting game scene yesterday. A Huge shoutout to Rawkus for coming down to do the stream for us and helping out as well yesterday. I really enjoyed and appreciate everyone for coming out because without you all then the event would not have been an Success. I look forward to seeing everyone again in the near future which I plan to host and at some of your tournaments. Below are the results of the tournament that took place:

SSF4 AE2012

  1. AceKombat
  2. GOL Toi504
  3. GOL dialupslim
  4. Joe Shyne
  5. Dark Knight99
  6. Savage Bison
  7. Lozal Sol
  8. Ultimate Gohan
    9.bryond mcintosh


  1. Gary with Glasses
  2. HyperDrive X
    4.Sirius Black
    5.JPH Wiggins
  3. Thomas Hathorn
  4. Handsome Dan
  5. Joe Shyne
  6. supwichu
  7. hamster something

KOF 13

  1. Muii
  2. Joe Shyne
  3. Lozal Sol
  4. Jelly
  5. No Average Mitch
  6. hamster something
  7. Vicetursuro
  8. DJ young venom
  9. MFGU Harry


  1. GOL Toi504
  2. bryond mcintosh
  3. Joe Shyne
  4. AceKombat
  5. Playa F
  6. The Mechanicill
  7. Chili Palmer
  8. Blkwolverine
  9. Evan Williams
  10. Mr. Tivrusky

Mortal Kombat 9

  1. Chris Dawsom
    2.Guy in Green
  2. AceKombat
  3. GOL Toi504
  4. MalcolmX-01
  5. Dallas Cruise
  6. Chase Beenson
  7. Camrac
  8. Thomas Duffey
  9. hamster something
  10. BTK HY3NA


  1. Trumpet
  2. Fox on Fire
  3. Lozal Sol
  4. Free Magee
  5. DaRabidDuckie
  6. OmegaWolf
  7. DavidWilliams
  8. NTKamikaze
  9. David Dixon
  10. Sharrow Brown

Soul Caliber 5

  1. Swong
  2. Dr. Mario Kart
  3. Christopher Magee
  4. Ima Love Machine
  5. Supahiro
  6. Devin Butts
  7. BTK HY3NA
  8. forever exposed
  9. Viceturso
  10. Thomas Hathorn

Yay. First response.

Thanks a ton for hosting this. It was mad fun and I enjoyed every second.


You and everyone else who helped run the tournament to keep it so smooth. It was awesome.

Everyone I played in Marvel. Thanks for helping me improve and making me realize I’m not a total scrub like I honestly though I was.

Supwichu- God damn Zero. The ultimate Tron counter. I won’t lie, I got lucky against you in our last match. That dropped combo to reset with doom was maaaad lucky. I got lucky with that error in the bracket. If my first match was ACTUALLY against you I would’ve been screwed from the get go.
Hopefully we can run it back again some time.

Trumpet- Thanks for putting me into losers you jerk. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t really complain about losing to you. You took advantage of my bad habits and my phobia of ALL Captain Americas. Just like with Ish, hopefully we can run it back soon.

Sirius Black - Yo. Dude. Your Spencer. Dude… Sick. I got suuuuper lucky against you in our last match. I won’t lie.
GGs We’ll run it back some time.

Dan- Don’t remember what your full tag was. Good shit in our set. I was maaaad nervous before we started because I didn’t remember how I was doing in our casuals earlier that day.

Cedric- Your Spiderman was Godlike. I was kinda salty after I lost. But whatever. The salt is now gone. Next time I hope to not look so free against you. GGs

Maxx - you get TWO shoutouts.

#1 GG in our set. I’m not gonna lie. I was fully expecting to get blown up. I really was. GGS
#2 YOU ARE GOD. Thanks for the converter. You saved me haaaaard. You’re the reason I was able to show what Tron Bonne could do. I can’t thank you enough.

Everyone I played casuals with- GGs. Of course I can’t remember everyone. But just know that I fucking love you, whoever you are. Take that how you will. GGs to everone.

SHREVEPORT- The hype… My god. It CAN NOT be contained. You guys are awesome and I wanna love you all sexually… Except metaphorically.

Arkansas- You guys are pretty cool. I only briefly talked to you guys. Giovanni, hit me up on Xbox Live. We’ll get some games some time. Maxx… I’ve already stated my undying love for you.No need to do it again. There was someone else with you guys… I don’t know if I talked to him. If I did, I didn’t realize it. :confused:

Mississippi- You guys rock and I hope to make it to another one of your tourneys again. Good shit.

To EVERYONE who was getting hype for me- THANK YOU. It felt good to get such support from total strangers. I’m super glad I could come to my first tourney and get the kind of support I got. It made me feel great and it will continue to do so for the next few weeks at the very least. AND THIS is why I love the fgc.

Chances are I’m forgetting people. Sorry in advance.

Lol is #1 a shoutout. It sounds like “I thought you’d be better than you were.” haha :wink:
GGs dude. I need that salty runback at ARK V! I’m not losing to bottom tier again :wink: haha

Our crew was me, Supwichu, Giovanni, and Rawkus (the streamer).

Thanks again Narada for a great tournament. You’ll always have Arkansas’ support and we’ll see you and your crew at MBB and ARK V!
Shoutouts to everyone for being awesome!

It was alot of fun.

Oh, ok. Supwichu was from Ark too. Good so I talked to 3 out of the 4 of you. Because rawkus was busy streaming. That’s legit.

While I’m here, when is ARKIV happening? Any idea yet?

Yeah. ARK V is the last weekend of August (25th-26th).
Facebook event page is at
SRK Event page is here: [Aug 25, 2012] ARK V! Feat. UVG Noel B, EG Ricky O, and EG JWong (Jacksonville, AR 72076)

Hella fun tournament. Really impressed by the Shreveport players. Anyone who wants a runback in skullgirls/kof/marvel, add me on xbl!

also, lol, the tag is “LoyalSol” not “LozalSol” … his handwriting must just have been terrible.

I’d like to play you on XBL. SmokeMaxX

SPOILER ALERT this is what happened at Cinderslam
[LEFT][FONT=lucida grande][details=Spoiler]

[SIZE=7]Sorry but BODIED[/details][/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]Also Shout out to Cedric, Great Matches I lucked out on a lot of things. Rivals til the end, we always have some epic matches. I am not sure if anyone recorded our off stream one because that was epic too.[/LEFT]

Great turn out, I had a lot of fun playing everyone and meet the new people. I need to make it out to these tournaments more often.

No more sandbagging for me at tourneys. Learned my lesson the hard way. Definitely had a lot of fun. Hope to see you guys in the future.

I think Zero is the counter to the majority of the cast. I did drop some combos during are matches, but that’s just a result of my unwillingness to practice anymore. You have a pretty nice Tron and you didn’t play Morrigan like I was expecting you to play her which kind of threw me off. We really need to run it back at the next tourney where we’re both present.

:3 Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.

I’m not quite sure how I want to play Morrigan, really. It’s like, do I just go straight up Chris G and do nothing but the lame stuff? Or do I try and mix it up with a few fly/unfly fireballs then try and rush in? It’s a mixed bag for me. I like Morrigan. But I’m honestly thinking of replacing her. >_<

While I’m here lurking the internet, what threw you off about Morrigan? Was it the fact that I rushed in/ tried to mix up the strategy? Orrr… What? Cause I’m curious, so I can do it to more people. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty much it. As soon as I saw Morrigan/Doom I was expecting an obstacle course of projectiles. You played more rush in and then switched to zoning.

I had a great time! Definitely the smoothest-run tourney yet. RS4 should be amazing.

Shoutouts to:
– Actual competition at Skullgirls. I was thinking MS was going to be free. Thanks for proving me wrong!
– Arkansas being awesome as always (even though I’m jealous that AJ has TWO B15 sticks now…)
– Actually making a profit at a tournament. First time I’ve made money since March!
– Hattiesburg actually coming out in droves
– Strippers crying during lapdances
– Kenny for the meal
– Dropped Swag Wagons grumbles
– Bitchmade sports bar bartenders
– Dr Mario Kart for just being awesome
– SFxT making everything late (I hope the game dies after EVO)
– People with amazing patience (thank you!)
– Jim sacrificing his good luck charm so that I may be awesome(er)

Anyone know how I can get a hold of Trumpet? I want a rematch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had an excellent time. Shoutouts to all the TOs and people that made it happen. Didn’t get to thank all of you in person, but very thankful for what you do. Keep it up! Definitely looking forward to more events later this year.

<-- bryand not “bryond” lol. I wish yall woulda used the SN i signed up with. BRZ paid sponsor couldn’t even rep the sponsor correctly.

lozal sol = loyal sol also.

Was a fun tourney, we enjoyed it. I wish I could have gotten the chance to play toi in the grand finals, I had some secret info on hugo that I was about to acquire. Good job LA

My second ace in the whole. muahahahaha

:stuck_out_tongue: We’ll run it back at ARK5 hopefully. :smiley:

i thought sfXt was a tie

Both of the bartenders were marvel 2 players